Leviton OSCM0W Multi-Technology Passive Infrared and Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor; 24 Volt DC Input/Output, Switchable On/Off, White. Save Energy with Leviton’s Multi-Technology Sensors. The OSCM0W utilizes a complementary mix of passive infrared and ultrasonic protection to provide. Leviton OSCM0W Occupancy Sensor, Ceiling Mount, PIR/Ultrasonic, 24VDC, White Occupancy Sensor, Ceiling Mount, PIR/Ultrasonic, 24 Volts DC, PatternĀ°.

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Leviton Osc10-m0w Multi-technology Ceiling Occupancy Sensor With 1000ft Coverage

Choose one that best suits. Insert wires through the hole osc01 the included washerthen place the included. Voice, Data, Video Distribution. Use check bo xes when Steps are completed. Combines multi-technology with all-digital architecture. Push the wires into the hole in the ceiling tile and insert the threaded rod until the. Voice, Data, TV Panels.


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Leviton Oscm0w Multi-technology Ceiling Occupancy Sensor With ft Coverage | eBay

Push wire connections through the center hole of the bac k cov er and into the ceiling. Connect low-V oltage wires from P ower P ack to Sensor per.

Insert the sensor wires through the flared end of the threaded rod. Listed are 3 typical installation options A, B, and C. Wire Mold Osv10 Cover. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Lock it b y.

Sensor 1 Threaded Rod 1 and He x Nut 1. Performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated. Operation is subject to the follo wing two. Your manual failed to upload Remov e the back cover of the sensor.

Rotate the sensor to the desired orientation. Multiple SensorSingle P ower P ack.

Add to Product List. Install bac k cover of the ceiling sensor to the w allboard or drop ceiling using the. Learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory.


T o lock the de vice in place, ensure that the arrows are not aligned. Hold the back cov er and body of the sensor. Installed sensor appears almost invisible. The Occupancy Sensor is a low-v oltage infrared and ultrasonic sensor that w orks with. Easy ceiling mount, three wire connection low voltage and twist-lock sensor attachment. The combination of ultrasonic doppler shift motion detection which giv es maximum.

Wall Switch Motion Sensors. Series and CN power pack to automatically control lighting. Bo x Installed Flush to W allboard Ceiling. All digital circuitry uses a minimum of components. If neither technology detects motion, the lights turn off after the delayed-off time.

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