Lexmark C manual: CHAPTER 3: Printer Job Language. Lexmark c User Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Service manual for the lexmark C C series. by lftrev in Types > Instruction manuals and service manual lexmark c c service guide repair guide.

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Pull up slightly on the cartridge handhold. Paper jam messages Message Check Areas Page lexmari After you have cleared the following areas, make sure all printer covers, doors, and trays are closed, and then press Go to resume printing. The printer reads the code on the system card and bypasses the code on the firmware card. This means that f762 one tray is empty, it feeds from the next linked tray.

Serial Connections Before you can print, you must establish communication between your printer and computer.

From the File menu, select Print. Print Demo To print pages describing the printer and demonstrating its capabilities. Clearing paper jams Understanding jam messages Note: Cancel Job To cancel the current print job.

Make Your Selection

Removing Memory Cards Complete the following steps to remove printer memory or flash memory cards. When you are ready to print the job, you must go to the printer and use the operator panel menus to identify which held job you want to print.

To assure compliance with FCC regulations on electromagnetic interference for a Class A computing device, use a properly shielded and grounded cable such as Lexmark part number for parallel attach or 12A for USB attach. Optional firmware cards are easily damaged by static electricity. However, the trays cannot automatically sense transparencies. See Grasp the firmware card gently and pull it straight out in one motion.


Lexmark Range C User Guide |

Locate the access cover on the back of the printer. No other button actions are available on the operator panel while Restoring Factory Defaults appears. Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you. Finishing Menu 1, 2, or 3 is only effective when using the PostScript driver.

Any sources containing the same type and size of paper are automatically linked by the printer if you have set the Paper Size and the Paper Type to the correct values.

Lexmark CX Compatibility Manual pages. Maintenance Page – Ordering supplies and maintenance items Page – Recycling Lexmark products Page – Removing memory and option cards Page – Removing memory cards Page Page – Removing a hard disk Page Page – Reinstalling the system board access cov Reinstalling Lexmzrk System Board Access Cover Reinstalling the system board access cover Align the slots at the top of the access cover with the screws near the top of the printer. Do not pull one side lexmwrk then the other.

Aligning The Image Transfer Unit For best print quality, make sure you align the image transfer unit after replacement or if colors print too lightly.

Rotate the handle up, and gently push the unit into place. Paper and specialty media spe Hole Punch To punch holes along the edge of all printed output. Page A typical example of this is when a user is trying to match the color of a corporate logo.


Toner Lexmar, To specify how the printer responds when it is low on toner. Page 75 Print Demo To print pages describing the printer and demonstrating its capabilities. The printer c62 clears the message. Lexmark C Technical Reference pages.

Page Rotate the handle up, and gently push the unit into place. Page 31 – Linking trays Page 32 – Linking output bins Page 33 – Accessing held jobs from the operator pa Unplug the printer power cord. This means the printer recognizes PCL commands used in various application programs, and that the printer emulates the functions corresponding to the commands. Manual bypass feeder—As a manual bypass feeder, you send a print job to the feeder while specifying the type and size of media from your computer.


Menu Item Purpose Alarm Under most circumstances, this keeps the printer ready to print with minimum warm-up time. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The Size Sensing menu item lets you disable or enable auto size sensing on trays. See Locate the memory card you want to remove. Page Pull lexmarrk on the handle. Wait Timeout To specify the amount of time in Printer Color Correction setting Text

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