Sistemas para Programar. y Organizar actividades. Ejecutiva. Responsabilidades. Penal. SAFCO. Sistemas para ejecutar. actividades. Get this from a library! Estudio de la Ley no. de administración y control gubernamentales: Ley SAFCO: comentada y concordada. [Franklin Solíz. Ley N° SAFCO (Sistema de Administración Financiera y Control Gubernamental). La Paz. Moore, Jacqueline. “Privatization: The Liberals View to.

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The regulations governing gifts and hospitality to national legislators are regularly enforced. A YES score is earned if there is, in law or in accompanying regulations, a formal process to appeal a denied print media license, including through the courts.

A NO score is earned if no agency or mechanism is specifically mandated to act as a disciplinary mechanism for the national-level judiciary. Such a magical night with great friends! These may include special courts, such as military courts or tribunals. A YES score is earned if there is a 1178 or regulatory requirement for independent auditing of legislative branch asset disclosures.

In law, citizens can access the asset disclosure records of members of the national-level judiciary.

Ballots are secret, or there is a functional equivalent protection, in most cases. Nepotism, cronyism, and patronage are discouraged, but exceptions exist. Ballots may be subject to tampering during transport or counting.

A NO score is also earned if this monitoring is solely carried out by the media and non-governmental organizations. Legislative branch asset disclosures are audited, but audits are limited in some way, such as using inadequate auditing standards, or xafco presence of exceptions to disclosed assets.

Political parties never publish their sources of funding or expenditures or publish that information only rarely with more than a year in between publication.

The chief executive routinely abuses executive orders to render the legislature practically useless. In law, civil servants convicted of corruption are prohibited from future government employment.

  ASTM D3951-10 PDF

A YES score is earned when trade unions are allowed by law, regardless of political ideology, religion or objectives. NGOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption must go through formal steps to form, requiring interaction with the state such as licenses or registration. Sxfco Courts competent in the first instance to substantiate disciplinary proceedings for serious offenses, and.

Official publications of the House will be the following, whether in print or in digital media:. A YES score is earned if corporate contributions are prohibited.

Appointments to the civil service and their professional evaluations are made based on professional qualifications. The military or security forces routinely exercise the use of force to support or oppose parties or candidates.

Jis b 1178

In law, there is a disciplinary agency or equivalent mechanism for the national-level judicial system. There is a fundamental alliance between the Army and the Police with the current government, to the extent that their own doctrine and institutional principles have been declared revolutionary and anti-imperialist.

A YES score is earned if citizens or political parties can challenge lye fraudulent election results through the courts or other judicial mechanisms.

The government ensures that equal access and fair treatment of election contestants is provided by all state-owned media outlets, including all electronic and print media. There is no budget oversight committee or equivalent, or heads of agencies do not submit meaningful reports to the agency.

LEY (SAFCO) by salomon vargas on Prezi

This score may still be earned if groups or individuals with a history of political violence or terrorism within last ten years are banned from forming media entities. Most national-level judges selected meet these qualifications, with some exceptions.

A NO score is earned if there is no formal review. Nepotism favorable treatment of family memberscronyism favorable treatment of friends and colleaguesand patronage favorable treatment of those who reward their superiors are actively discouraged at all levels of the civil service. The agency may make judgments but not enforce them, or may fail to make reasonable judgments against offenders. A YES score is earned if freedom of individual speech is guaranteed in law, including to all political parties, religions, and ideologies.


Audits may be performed by entities known to be partisan or biased in their practices. The Electoral Body shall be solely responsible for promoting the merits of the candidates. Those NGOs are unwilling to take positions on political issues. The grounds of incompatibility for the exercise of the judicial function, besides those indicated in the Article of the Political Constitution of the State, are the following:.

Citizens, journalists and NGOs can access itemized lists of budget allocations. A YES score is earned if there are specific rules prohibiting continued government employment following a corruption conviction.

In practice, the regulations governing gifts and hospitality offered to members of the national-level judiciary are effective. A NO score is earned if there are any legal or regulatory prohibitions on the monitoring of the electoral process by domestic or international election observers.

A NO score is earned when any single non-violent group is legally prohibited from organizing to promote good governance or anti-corruption. The judicial disciplinary agency or equivalent mechanism may make judgments but not enforce them, does not cooperate with other agencies in enforcing penalties, or may fail to make reasonable judgments against offenders.

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