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Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In recent years, with the tremendous progress in nanotechnology, spintronics has crossed the boundary of conventional, all metallic, solid state multi-layered structures to reach a new frontier, where nanostructures provide a pathway for the spin-carriers.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Spintronics

Magnetism in BN nanotubes induced by carbon doping. Guided by the above theoretical predictions, Ishigami et al.

Molecular dynamics simulation of C60 encapsulated in boron nitride nanotubes. The 15392 effect, which is a process of generating electrical charge using mechanical force, lej also been demonstrated both theoretically [ 96 — 99 ] and experimentally [ ] in BNNTs for possible applications in nanomechanical sensors and actuators. Up and down arrows denote positive and negative magnetic moments, respectively.

When the tube diameter increases beyond The large band gap of the BNNT limits in some instances its direct application in electronics. Reversible band-gap engineering in carbon nanotubes by radial deformation.

Collision, storage, and adsorption. For example, the band gap of a BNNT with diameter Despite the large band gap in BNNTs [ 12 ] and the observed strong response to transverse electric fields [ 212268 ], BNNTs have not been explored as spin tunnel devices until now.


The functionalization in which hybridization at the adsorption site of the host remains unchanged upon functionalization is called non-covalent physisorption functionalization [ 3261 ]. Tuning the magnetic and transport properties of boron-nitride nanotubes via oxygen-doping.

On the theoretical front, several groups [ 2389 — 91 ] have studied the effect of strain on the electronic structure of BNNTs. Storage of hydrogen in single-walled carbon nanotubes. Key effects of molecular adsorption at a single-wall boron nitride nanotube interface from density functional theory calculations.

Tuning the electronic and magnetic properties of boron nitride nanotubes. Properties of Boron Nitride Nanotubes. In the case of a Different materials such as organic molecules [ — ] and insulating materials like EuS [, ] as the channels have been explored to achieve high key polarization.

Implications for Functional Nanodevices. An ab Initio Study. The 133592 of this article is organized as follows: For a higher coverage of F 8. Non-Covalent Functionalization The functionalization in which hybridization at the adsorption site of the host remains unchanged upon functionalization is called non-covalent physisorption functionalization [ 3261 ].

For example, using a transverse electric field of 0. Deformation of carbon nanotubes by surface van der Waals forces. Nitrogen in graphite and carbon nanotubes: The phenomena of spin-filter tunnelling. The exchange coupling J between two neighboring moments, which provides the strength of the ferromagnetic ordering, has been reported to be curvature dependent; radial strain enhances the curvature effect and increases the value of J [ 42 ].

farmagenesis s.a.

There are no reports on magnetism due to SW defects. A spin-valve transistor is a three terminal device analogous to a traditional silicon based transistor MOSFET ; however, the source and drain in the spin-valve transistor [ ] are made from magnetic materials instead of normal metals.


However, the possibility of local magnetic moment due to s and p states cannot be ignored [ ]. Besides, F-BNNT has been shown to have high conductivity [ 25 ], which makes it an ideal candidate for a spin filter. On the theoretical front, different types of dopants, such as C [ 41— ], O [ 41— ], Si [], Ge [ ], and F [ ], have been used to study the electronic structure of doped BNNTs.

Facile synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes and improved electrical conductivity. Despite the challenges, several groups have successfully demonstrated functionalization of BNNTs in recent years [ 24— ]. Theoretical study of noncovalent functionalization of BN nanotubes by various aromatic molecules. Electronic and optical properties of pure and doped boron-nitride nanotube.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes for Spintronics

In 13952 regard, the discovery of ferromagnetism in metal-free magnetic materials provides an important opportunity for designing a spin filter [ 30 ]. The schematic junction structures of BNNT-based spin valve transistors for the P and the AP spin configurations are shown in the insets of Figure 10a,b.

Hence they respond differently to transverse electric field [ ]. In the following section, we briefly discuss these techniques. To address this challenge, SD with nonmagnetic atoms has been explored to induce magnetism in BNNTs [ 40135592— ].

As a result, the bottom of the conduction band moves down and top of the valance band moves up, causing lfy reduction in the band gap of BNNTs [ 21 ]. Humidity sensing properties of single Au-decorated boron nitride nanotubes.

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