Se busca la adopción de la Norma Internacional ISO , al ser .. que indica la Ley de Obras Públicas y Servicios Relacionados con. Promulgación de Ley que incentiva la conversión en El valor de las acciones ha sido actualizado al 24/10/14 utilizando la tasa 18, 6, %. CH. GROSS VALDERRAMA SEGUNDO. por-mover-dinero-con-cuenta-naranja/ daily 0.

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The unprecedented migration wave is putting strains on Colombia. As a result, it may not be possible for you to effect service of process within the United States upon us or such persons or to enforce against them or us in the United States or other foreign courts, judgments obtained in the United States predicated upon the civil liability provisions of the actualizaea securities laws of the United States.

Puertas y cortinas cortafuego. Through the further expansion of our loan portfolio in retail segments, we are seeking to decrease our corporate segment concentration and, as a result, balance our lry portfolio and strengthen our retail operation particularly in the consumer segmentwhich may expose us to a higher level of loan losses and require us to establish higher levels of provisions for loan losses.

Past due loans as a percentage of total loans leu. An increase in market interest rates in Chile or Colombia could increase our cost of funding, especially the cost of time deposits, and could reduce the spread we earn on our loans, materially and adversely affecting our business, financial lye and results of operations.

This uncertainty may, in the future, contribute to an increase in the volatility of the Chilean and Colombian capital markets, acrualizada, in turn, may have an adverse impact on us. Inandour ratio of net interest income to total operating income was Currently, we have 20 premium branches and 37 traditional branches with a space for Personal Bank.

If the exposure of any AFP to us exceeds the regulatory limits, we would need to seek alternative sources of funding, which could be more expensive and, as a consequence, may have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Tejidos de calada y tejido de punto. This stage refers to the technological integration and implementation of improvements of both banks supported in a single core banking.

We are focusing our marketing and sales efforts on adapting this business model to apply to our SME clients in Chile and Colombia. With this acquisition, we became the first Chilean bank to have a banking subsidiary outside the country. Such additional businesses may include securities brokerage, mutual fund management, securitization, insurance brokerage, leasing, factoring, financial advisory, custody and transportation of actualizadw, loan collection and financial services. These inherent limitations include the realities that judgments lry decision-making can be faulty and that breakdowns can occur because of simple error or mistake.

We may be unable to access such financing on commercially acceptable terms or at all. New York Stock Exchange. We currently use these exemptions and intend to continue using these exemptions. Actualizaca, the determination of whether we are a PFIC is actuailzada on an annual basis and will depend on the composition and nature of our income and the composition, nature and value of our assets from time to time, and therefore no assurance can be provided regarding our PFIC status. Failure to meet contractual obligations by our counterparties could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and results of operations.


Non-performing loans include the principal and accrued interest on any loan with at least one installment more than 90 days overdue. Our target market on the liability side consists of retail customers with sophisticated financial needs, medium and large Chilean companies, Latin American companies, and Chilean and Latin American banks without offshore branch offices, among others. Concentration risk is the risk associated with potential high financial losses triggered by significant exposure to a particular component of risk, whether it be related to a particular counterparty, industry or geographic concentration.

Percentage figures included in this Annual Report have in lfy cases not been actualisada on the basis of such rounded figures but on the basis of such amounts prior to rounding.

Five years later, the New York Branch was opened as a support for clients who can see their possibilities of financing in the United States expanded. El STT se define como el tiempo que tarda un volumen conocido de. It is expected that their activities will continue. Although the consumer loans portfolio represents the single highest level of risk in our loan portfolio, the most material loan losses experienced during and came from our largest wholesale clients.

In addition, according to article 14 of the Ley No. Proyectos y temas inscritos a ser cancelados. In recent years, diplomatic tensions between the two governments have increased. Our business is highly dependent on the ability of our information technology systems to accurately process a large number of transactions across numerous and diverse markets and products in actualizaxa timely manner. Establecer los procedimientos para obtener muestras de materiales para construir o reconstruir obras.

La demanda de absorbencia. Determination of mass per unit area. Our senior management is focused on implementing technological solutions aimed to identify means of improving our overall profitability and to optimize our cost structure, such as online time deposits which have been an innovative product of great success in Chile. Our results of operations may be affected by fluctuations in exchange rates between and among the Chilean peso, the Colombian peso and the U. In the event there are payments made outside of Chile, the foreign investor must provide the relevant information to the Central Bank of Chile directly or through an entity of the Formal Exchange Market within the first ten calendar days of the month following the date on which the payment was made.

Actua,izada for loan losses as a percentage of non-performing loans 6. Indicate by check mark which actualizaea of accounting the registrant has used to prepare the financial statements included in this filing: We invest in debt securities issued by the Chilean and Colombian governments, the Central Bank of Chile and the Chilean Ministry of Finance that, for the most part, are short-term and highly liquid instruments.


Random tumble pilling method.

DOF – Diario Oficial de la Federación

Our business results relating to our lower-income individual and SME customers are, however, more likely to be adversely affected by downturns in the Chilean and Colombian economies, including increases in unemployment, than our business from large corporations and high-income individuals. In addition to the products and services we provide to private banking customers, we offer tailored lending products designed to help keep their businesses growing.

In particular, as we are a non-U. However, we may not be able to offer shares to United States holders of ADSs pursuant to preemptive rights granted to our shareholders in connection with any future issuance of common shares unless a registration statement under the U.

Equity investments in Chile by persons who are not Chilean residents may be subject to exchange control regulations that govern the repatriation of investments and earnings.

In situations not addressed by the guidance issued by the SBIF, institutions must follow the generally accepted accounting principles issued by the Association of Chilean Accountants, which coincide with IFRS.


We generally apply the relevant terms of our collective bargaining agreement to unionized and non-unionized employees in each of the markets in which we operate. Our loan portfolio may not continue to grow at the same or similar rates as the growth rate that we historically experienced, lley in light of the growth in recent years attributable to the acquisitions in Colombia of Banco Santander Colombia S. Our ability to remain competitive and achieve further growth will depend in part on our ability to upgrade our information technology systems and increase our capacity on a timely and cost effective basis.

We maintain insurance for losses resulting from fire, explosions, floods and electrical shorts and outages at our various buildings and facilities. We offer our traditional and private banking clients products in Chile such as checking accounts, credit lines, credit and debit cards, personal installment loans, mortgage loans, insurance banking, time deposits and savings accounts in Chilean pesos, Euros, UF and U.

We will continue to consider additional strategic acquisitions and alliances from time to time, inside and outside of Chile and Colombia. Solidez de los colores a la luz de los textiles humedecido por el sudor artificial. Our financial success depends on, among other factors, our ability to accurately balance the risks acgualizada take and the returns we gain from our transactions.

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