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Cédula Azul en Auto Afectado a La Ley Circ DN 21 Ley · Centrales Hidroeléctricas Nacionales · La Transferencia Por Liquidación de La. Ley núm. por la que se modifica la ley núm. Adoption: La ley contiene diversas disposiciones referidas a la adquisición de. be a dynamic Individual who welcomes challenge in these trying Send re sume to McCal ley PO Box Irvine SALES MANAGER.

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Makes provision oey elaboration of a regular report by the Ministry of Social Security on the situation of disabled persons in Austria. Amendsthe Equal Treatment Commission and Ombudsman Act regarding compliance with equal treatment principle 192279 advocating for it, senate hearing in this 1979. Schedule 4 declares certain sections of let Public Service Act applicable to medical staff and spells out offences.

The scope of application covers, according to the definition under section 2 of this Act, those persons who suffer a disability degree of 50 per cent. Transport Accident Act No. The aims of the Act include, inter alia, ensuring that the services provided to persons with disabilities enable them to have increased independence, employment opportunities and integration in the community and to benefit from comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Made under the Supreme Court Act The objects lley this Act are to eliminate discrimination against persons on the grounds of disability in areas of work, accomodation, education, access to premises, clubs and sport, and the provision of goods, facilities, services and land.

Sets the compensation tax for the employment of a disabled person at Schillings and the incentive premium for employing a disabled lej beyond the lfy number at Schillings.

Defines “combat duties” for the purposes of the Disability Discrimination Act Regulates calculation of compensation under Subsection 8 9B of the Act. Decree of the Ministry of Health No. The amendments set forth a new definition of “disabled”, eliminating the distinction between war-disabled and civilian-disabled.


Disability Services Act A Argentina – Disabled workers – Law, Act. Disability badge Section VII. Regulates the provision of services to persons lry disabilities. Repeals the Disabled Persons Accommodation Act An Act to provide for assistance by the Commonwealth towards the provision of sheltered employment and accommodation for certain disabled persons.

Objects and principles Part 3. If there is no particular period of notice, the usual period is 4 weeks, but before every dismissal the employer must consult the works committee, the committee of disabled persons and the department of the Land dealing with disabled persons where the enterprise takes its seat.

Armenia – Disabled workers – Law, Act. The Civil Service Bureau shall determine the positions whose occupants deserve defrayal of the aforesaid increment. Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Regulations No. Made under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act Please be advised that the machine-translated content may not be accurate.

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This Act provides for non-application of awards to or in relation to work performed by a person with a disability who is being assisted or trained in or by an organization or body that provides employment services to disabled workers.

Disability Services Act No.

As amended, the Act places funding for sheltered workshops on a firmer footing and provides transport subsidies for disabled persons. Austria – Disabled workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Simplified outline 192779 4. A federal Act to set up a national fund for the provision of special assistance to disabled persons.

Lists requirements for disabled persons wishing to assist at rehabilitation centres and organizations, home care and special workshops. Belgium – Disabled workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

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Part III concerns the provision of rehabilitation services by the Commonwealth s. Information, advice and support Section IV. Fund to provide benefits in connection with special measures for the medical, vocational and social rehabilitation of disabled persons. On the other hand, employment contracts during a probationary period can be terminated by both employer and employee without notice. The right to operate vehicles for people with disabilities Spanish, Belarus – Disabled workers – Law, Act.


General Provisions Chapter II: Sets forth policy programme aimed at increasing the supply and diversity of housing that meets the needs of older people or people with a disability. Employers also must take into consideration the specific requirements with respect to a disabled employee’s workplace and other working conditions, so that it takes appropriate action to promote disabled employees.

,ey Act to protect and promote the rights of people with a disability, and for other purposes. Act amending provisions discriminating against persons with disablities in a number of Acts.

Made under the Disability Services Act Modifica, en particular, las leyes SL Arg.

Made under Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Also makes miscellaneous amendments to a number of Acts. Bahrain – Disabled workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

Provides for definitions of “person under disability” and “represented person” and amends the provisions on representation by guardian or representative of such a person in proceedings. There is also a special kind of protection against dismissals.

Australia – Disabled workers – Le circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Please read the site ,ey for further details.

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