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The companies requested CADE to stipulate whether it was necessary to report transactions involving the assignment of mineral exploration rights.

La eficacia de las sanciones cumple diversas funciones: VIII, que es claramente una multa coercitiva. These lists do not normally have substantial differences. The lack of competition culture is one of the key factors which may undermine the enforcement of the competition law in emerging economies. Ocmentada, at this moment things seem to have changed comenttada, at the same time that these countries continue their economic growth, they are willing to maintain unrestricted competition conditions through competition law.

Although the Lsy legislation will not be applicable in Mercosur, through the promotion of the influence and convergence of competition rules these countries may adopt similar rules of competition. Benefits of the Competition Cooperation Memorandum 3. En efecto, en el marco de la OMC en el sector de las grasas ya existen herramientas comunitarias destinadas a dar estabilidad y regular el mercado del aceite de oliva. This solution is much more satisfactory than the extra-territorial application of EU cometnada based on the effects doctrine or the implementation doctrine, as we have already explained.


Click here to sign up. Although legal instruments for this purpose were approved a long time ago, factors as the socio-economic ideology of the region, its political economy and the institutional and organizational conditions have prevented the creation of a developed competition culture. Peer Review of Competition Law and Policy, For violation of these antimonopoly rules strong punishments were stated.


If the parties still fail to produce a solution, the Joint Committee would appoint a Mediator between the Parties, who would try to find comeentada solution that both parties would accept. The essential requirement is a similar level of enforcement, assessing the independence of the enforcement agency from political pressure, its human and financial resources or the level of penalties and fines Competition Provisions in Regional Trade Agreements: Edward Elgar Publishing This criterion in principle goes beyond the general rule of notification purely on condition that there is an effect on important interests to the extent that proceedings against 225156 national or a company of the other Party need not affect important interests as a country to require notification.

Un comportamiento puede ser desleal y la vez restrictivo; o puede ser desleal y no restrictivo; o puede ser restrictivo sin ser desleal. El texto de los fallos de la Corte Suprema Argentina estan disponibles en: First, the anticompetitive behaviour has to affect the requesting party interests.

Ley 25.156 de Defensa de la Competencia

Useful Aspects for Central America. En los casos que establezca el Reglamento de esta Ley.

Law Promulgada el The second of the possible situations is when the resolution of disputes arising within the scope of the Agreement falls under the consultation memorandum.

The larger sum was staked, the larger “recoil” expected officials greedy to bribes. Regarding concentrations, the EU Agreements normally refer to the initiation of proceedings pursuant Article 6. Si existen dudas, las autoridades de la competencia analizan los datos recogidos sobre el asunto y la influencia de los acuerdos sobre el la competencia: Los Jueces Argentinos y la Ley However, CADE took the stand that mineral exploration rights may give rise to competition issues, depending on the structure of the market concerned, since the dominant company that holds mineral exploration rights may be encouraged to bar potential competitors from entering the market.


ley comentada pdf files – PDF Files

Following the opinion of some scholars56 we can point out some considerations which might explain this tendency to the exceptions. Se llama la atencion a interpretaciones cartelizantes en la crisis.

As a second general argument in favour of this bilateral cooperation, the control of international cartels should be reemphasised. Bearing this in mind, all our subjects may, in accordance with this law, enter into contracts which are not forbidden.

Although in a short term this possibility seems quite unlikely to happen, an international competition authority may be needed sooner or later and, by exporting its competition rules, the EU creates a critical mass of countries sharing its conceptions.

Adicionalmente, la sentencia transcribe de la sentencia de la Audiencia Nacional SAN de 22 de julio de ]. If there is not an actual or potential competition distortion within the requested party, the positive comity cannot be activated. Although the transaction was approved without restrictions, the authorities missed a good opportunity to shape a more leg definition of relevant geographic market in the iron ore sector, an extremely important sector for the Brazilian economy.

With respect to substantive general aspects of competition law, three main points may be recalled. En definitiva, son varios los motivos por los que la sentencia comentada es criticable.

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