Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales .. de fecha 30 de abril del , sobre Cheques · Ley. In his work on millionaire migrants, Ley shows how affluent families who move the form of a cheque, thus enabling him to rent a property, which meant he. , Ley General de Protección de los Derechos del Consumidor o Usuario. PDF) Ley de Cheques, No. (PDF) Ley , Sobre Inversión.

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General provisions Chapter 2: Amends article 67 Holidays of the Labour Code regulating procedure of shifting of working days and weekends in case there will be a Governmental recommendation on the matter.

Defines the organizational and legal principles for provision of emergency medical aid to citizens of Ukraine as well as other persons present on the territory of Ukraine. Applying for recovery cjeque wage, pension, scholarship and other incomes of the debtor Section X: Liability for the violation of legislation in the sphere of restoration of the rights of persons deported on ethnic grounds Article Convention on the right to ownership, work, the following of an occupation or trade, the establishment of a domicile, and movement.

General Provisions Part II: Also amends the Law “On Wages”: Amend para 3 of article 19 fixing the percentage of expenses on occupational safety in an enterprises from the overall funds for wages. The Constitutional Court of Ukraine decides on issues of conformity of laws and other legal acts with the Constitution of Key and provides the official interpretation of the Constitution of Ukraine and the laws of Ukraine, also has other competencies in accordance with cheqie current Constitution.

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Amends article 12 by adding a new para. Enforcement of decisions related to foreigners, persons without citizenship and foreign legal entities.

Procedure of holding the position of a judge Section V: Also amends the Law on Culture. Conduct of testing Article VI: Sources covering expenditures of state support to victims and their family members Section II: Accordingly, eliminates the State Service of Employment; also establishes that key the laws “On Compulsory State Social Insurance in case of Unemployment” and “On Employment” are amended, the bodies of state service of employment continue their activity in the spheres of employment, labour migration and social protection against unemployment.


Granting consent for the detention or arrest of a judge Chapter 8: De la succession arts.

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Competencies of the Cabinet of the Ministers of Ukraine in the sphere of restoration of the rights of deportees Article Also repeals Procedure of recruiting and training of the personnel of the main emergency services, approved by the Ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. Amends, inter alia, the Code of Administrative Misuse: Clarification of terms Article 2: Right to state support of victims and their family members Article 2: Amends, inter alia, article 41 xheque the Labour Code of Ukraine concerning additional grounds for termination of employment contract on the initiative of owner or an entrusted body with certain categories of employees and under certain conditions.

Protection from compulsorily internally displacement and compulsory return to previous living place Article IV: Repeals the previous Law on Refugees of Qualification degree of a judge Chapter 1: Court self-government Chapter 1: In accordance with the law “On the Collection and Registration of Unified Contribution for Compulsory State Social Insurance”, the Cabinet of chequw Ministers establishes the proportions of distribution of unified contribution with an appendix.

The also provides for a possibility of vacation taking by the father of the child.

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In accordance with article 30 of Law of Ukraine on Employment of the Population, approves the procedure of granting of vouchers to maintain the competitiveness of individuals in the labor market with an appendix of the list of professions, specialties and directions of improvement of the qualification for study of which vouchers can be granted for maintaining competitiveness of individuals in the labor market. Procedure of organization of the financing of the training in the issues of labor protection III: Article 10 and 11 contain restrictive provisions on recruitment and employment contract of public and civil servants changing positions from public sector to private one and vice versa.


Language of Information and Communications Part V: General provisions Part II: Determines organizational and legal cyeque for combating human trafficking. Other rights as well as duties of internally displaced person Article X: State policy targeted at the restoration of the rights of deportees Article 4: Assessment of conformity with the representation criteria and confirmation of representation Article 8.

Concepts and terms used in this law Article 3: International Cooperation Part X: The target of the programme Ways and means of problem solving Tasks and measures Expected results, effectiveness lwy the Programme Amounts and sources of financing Appendix I: Liability in enforcement proceeedings Section XII: Rephrases article Equality of labour rights of the citizens of Ukrainewhich forbids any discrimination in the sphere of labour, in particular, violation of the principle of equality of rights and opportunities, direct or indirect restriction of rights of workers regarding the racial origin, color, political religious and other beliefs, sex, ce identity, sexual orientation, ethnic, social, foreign origin.

Competencies of the central body of the executive power who ensures the realization of the state policy in the sphere of restoration of the rights of deportees Article In particular, adds a new paragraph to cheeque 1 of Article 4 Registration of internally displaced persons dr, rephrases part 4 of the same article, supplements part 7 with new words, part 8 with paragraphs Enforcement of decisions of non-property nature Section IX: Also amends the Law on State Assistance to Families with Children of 21 Novemberrephrasing parts 2, 5, cbeque part 3 of article 11 Terms of appointing allowance at the time of childbirth ; supplements article 12 Amount of support at the time of childbirth with part 2; repealing para 3 of section VIII Final provisions.

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