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Procedimiento Administrativo General, Ley No. , y Ley que regula el Proceso. Contencioso Administrativo, Ley No. Asimismo, he. Please, help me to find this tuo de la ley pdf merge. I’ll be really very . Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 9 guests. X. Km. 0 mm) lf James Vastk, labor, S. IL No. . 4 James A. Beigh-ley, labor, S. R. No. 4. .. Bert Yownaas. la bor S. R. No. ll.

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Ley penal del ambiente.

Order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR to jo for the further improvement of nno use made of the labour of old-age pensioners and disabled persons in the national economy and for the grant of certain additional privileges in relation thereto.

Title, definitions and objectives Title Two: Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Requirements on personal exposure service providers Section 5. In line with mo Governmental 277584 of re-examination of occupational safety rules, this Ordinance approves the new occupational safety standards for the workers in Tuberculosis Prevention Institutions.

Governs the declaration of and permission to use dangerous or toxic substances. Responsibilities of inspection units Article 5. Organizations, individuals using chemicals shall be responsible for ensuring safety for their establishments and themselves during the chemical usage as stipulated by the legislation.

Trata del manejo de los desechos peligrosos no radiactivos, del control de las actividades que generen tales desechos, de las obligaciones de quienes los manejen, de los movimientos transfronterizos, etc. Responsibilities of Ministries, Ministerial-level agencies, government-attached agencies and provincial-level People’s Committees Article 8.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Inter alia, shorter hours of work, special leave facilities and financial arrangements for the undertakings concerned. With the aim of implementation of the Law “On Psychiatric Care” and at the further perfection of psychiatric service, establishes the list of medical psychiatric contraindications for certain types of professional activity and activity related with a source of higher hazard as introduced in appendix No.


Conditions and procedures for practicing the profession of drilling wells and prospecting for groundwater Title three: Provides for chemical related activities, safety in chemical related activities, rights and obligations of organizations and individuals engaged in chemical related activities and State management of chemcial related activities.

List of machines, equipment and supplies subject to strict labour control. Scope of Regulations and subjects of application Article 2.

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For certain activities establishes a tax for the protection of the environment and specialised inspection. Specifies types of protection equipment and devices for each job in every field mining, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical production etc.

General and final provisions. Provides for regulation of radiation protection, evaluation of radiation situation, control and registration of individual radiation doses, sanitary protection of zones, and special mesures in the event of radiation accidents. Defines types of work involving ionizing radiation which fall under the Act, responsibilities of personnel, registration and authorization of such work, and inspections concerning safety and control of radiation.

Responsibilities of establishments using inspected objects Article 4. Makes provision for sanctions for organisations and individuals that intentionally or unintentionally violate the regulations on State management of radiation safety and control but not seriously enough for penal liability. Provides sanctions for violations of the Ordinance on Radiation Safety and Control of June 25,its implementing regulations and Decree No. Provides for treatment of waste, rights and obligations of citizens and legal persons, transport and storage of waste, and financing measures.

General Provisions Section 2. Provides for the managments of operating licences for machinery, equipment, materials and substances having strict occupational safety requirements including pressure equipment, lift equipment, elevators and escalators.

The Appendix lists substances which must be registered. Control of exposure in radiation or nuclear accidents and other special cases Section 4.


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Provides guidance for safety measures in the construction industry lej respect to lifting of weights. Law on Atomic Energy No. Interpretation of terms Article 3.

Decree on sanctioning administrative violations in the field of radiation safety and control No. Provides in particular for certificates of conformity with environmental standards for production and commercial establishments, the criteria to be respected regarding air, noise, ionising radiation, transport and storage of dangerous or radioactive substances, importation of equipment, emissions and noise of transport vehicles, and export and import of contagious or mo refuse.

Law on Chemicals No. Conditions and procedures for drilling permits Title Four: Function of the excavators and their movement from one region to another Title Five: Scope and objects of application 2.

Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. Determines responsibility to ensure radiation safety and technical requirements for radiation equipment, and provides for the management of radioactive waste and related matters.

Se prohibe emplear obreros menores de edad y personas que no sepan leer y escribir o que no posean los conocimientos suficientes para preparar la mezcla del producto a utilizar. The approved standards are provided in a separate Annex to the Ordinance. Requirements of control and assurance of radiation safety in occupational exposure and public exposure Section 3.

Responsibilities of the Labour Safety Department Article 7. Are must also apply necessary measures to prevent impacts endangering human health and wealth, ecological system of plants and animals, environment protection, national security and defence. Prime Ministerial Order No.

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