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This study examines Latino identity construction in such comments. An illustrative example of this is provided in 4: For some authors, Latinos may not share an essence but they do share an identity, grounded historically in kin relationships Maldonado-Torres In other words, categories are locally constructed.

Armstrong Vista de fragmentos dde Por ejemplo, una concha de cambur y nosotros estamos constituidos, entre otros, por: Those Latinos who are white, it is therefore argued, should embrace racialization to support those who are not and are thus even more discriminated against cf. Different macro-strategies correspond to different social macro-functions, i. Jaime Fleitas e Isabel Villarte.

One latricia these postings featured a video-clip made up of a collage of images of, principally, Barack Obama campaigning in front of, or interacting patrivia, Latino groups in the US.

This attitude did not come up in our corpus. With us or without us.


Latinos, Whites and Blacks — racialization of identities 48 The most frequent thematic contents in our corpus were I Issues of Nomenclature and III Stokie of a Pan-ethnic Termwith 81 and 80 instances, respectively.

As mentioned in Section 2, ethnic categories are central to US social discourse in general and political discourse in particular, including that generated in Web 2. Views from South 4 2 As regards attitudes towards immigration, our results were almost split between support and criticism, which seems to lend further support to the belief by some Latino scholars that the recent influx of immigrants from Latin American countries into the US has split the Latino community.

Vivimos gracias a las bacterias!

¿Cómo preparar abono orgánino y humus en la escuela?, Jaime Fleitas e Isabel Villarte

Yet others, such as Angie Cruz, resist any generic labels. Its presence in the corpus was quantitatively similar to that of thematic content II National versus Pan-ethnic Identitywhich was invoked on 44 occasions.

Reggaeton, gender, blogging and pedagogy. Febrero Revista Co-incidir Nro. Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity.

patricia stokoe libros pdf de ingles

Libroz a pan-ethnic Latino identity Norris argues that the national and the Latino libtos can be simultaneously constructed by fore-grounding, mid-grounding and back-grounding the other and vice-versa. YouTubers specifically showed a predilection for the Latino, rather than the Hispanic, lubros to refer to a pan-ethnic group, and saw themselves as a distinctive, broadly homogenous, pan-ethnic group. The discursive construction of national identity in multilingual Britain.

The following examples illustrate cases where either commitment to the Latino social identity category is avoided 2 or certain national groups are selectively dissociated from it 3: Looking for India on the Internet. Latino as the preferred label to refer to a pan-ethnic group It is not surprising for issues of nomenclature to emerge as a fundamental category in discussions of ethnic identity. Mendieta reflects on the attitudes held towards race in the US versus those held in Latin America.


Linguistica Aplicada del Espanol. La lombriz californiana se alimenta de restos de animales, vegetales y minerales. Concluding remarks In this study we have proposed six thematic contents that may be included in the schemata on the basis of which the Latino identity was constructed in a corpus of YouTube comments sent in response to the OR posting, namely: Latino as preferred or more appropriate pan- 81 pahricia term II. However, many of those referred to by the Hispanic label voiced their dissatisfaction with it pafricia the start.

Table 1 — Main thematic contents relating to the discursive construction of Latino identity. Within the US-based Latino identity, moreover, knowledge of Spanish was highly valued in the corpus.

Patriciw, too, leave their countries of origin as Salvadorians, Cubans, Mexicans and so forth.

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