Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort, Volume 2 · Fenton John Anthony Hort,Sir Arthur Hort No preview available – Life and Letters. Fenton John Anthony Hort. D.D., D.C.L., LLD. SOMETIME HULSEAN PROFESSOR AND LADY MARGARET’S READER. IN DIVINITY IN THE. Life and Letters contains a collection of F. J. A. Hort’s letters arranged chronologically with biographical notes by his son, Arthur Fenton Hort. Volume one covers.

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I think Cowper must have had some very funny ideas in his head when he wrote it. I know how miserably and imperfectly I serve Him.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort

I understand that the question comes on in the Queen s Bench on Saturday. One of his earliest and closest College friendships one which lasted to the very end of his life was with Mr. Do you intend going on with Henry 4t. Mag mistook eltters little about the Zoologicals there were 3 sea eagles instead of 2 no grand show of birds hogt the stuffed I noticed anthonyy following Sacred Ibis, Gulls, Stork, White owl, Spoonbill and a couple of stuffed monkeys not in a case As to living there were few birds there were however some cockeys canarys bul and Chaf-inches parrots and piping crow from New Holland as also a few doves Golden pheasants, common pheasants and foreign and common partridges.

Life and Letters of Fenton John Anthony Hort – Fenton John Anthony Hort – Google Books

We must think often of the many mansions of our Heavenly Father s House, and, my darling, how happy it will be if we all meet there ; not one missing, of all our household here ; then we shall care no more what home we had in this world, than we care now what sort of cradle we were rocked in. For Hort, as for many other minds, no doubt, it was a very critical period ; his letters reflect the excitement within, which was the natural consequence of the excitement all round him.

Maurice was still personally unknown to him, as were all the Maurician set of social reformers. As to Greek I am learning the Adjectives I will send you a small plan of our gardens here it is. His love and veneration for his mother remained unimpaired, and his letters to her show his delicate consideration for her different point of view ; but it is sad that he should have had to recognise that the point of view was different.

Very few have been plucked as yet, especially at Trinity. In this search for a definite locus standi he was attracted by the writings of F. We had a double line, one side passing up the buckets filled from the river, the other passing them down again when emptied. Would to God we had a few more such unpractical statesmen as Gladstone! Dearest Fenton I think you asked me in your last letter but one if I ever played cricket with Nurse I never play it now.

Maurice ; but, without anticipating, it seems well to note here two very important facts in the history of a mind singularly receptive, yet singularly inde pendent: What he said was Christian, sensible, and well suited to his audience, and no flummery. I forgot to tell you that Mr. His name will perhaps be more prominent than any other in the following pages, as nearly all the letters on both sides were preserved ; to him he could always talk without reserve, and to him, whenever they were apart, he poured out on paper his thoughts on every subject grave and gay.


But don t suppose that I am disparaging those which may possibly be in reach: I feel myself altogether unfit to be a lawyer ; I speak now of secular mental capabilities. If his enthusiasm makes his language sound occasionally somewhat extravagant, it is to be remem bered that this was what he would himself have called the yeasty season of life ; and, if he did not on all questions take the view which seems most in accord with liberal principles, it is only a proof of the detachment from parties as parties which was at all times noticeable in him.

Yet the sweetness of disposition, which was perhaps the most conspicuous side of his character to those who learnt to know him in his latest years, is discernible in his earliest letters, in which moreover nothing comes out so clearly as his thorough boyishness.

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In undergraduate days, if not before, he came under the spell of Coleridge. Still I feel pretty anthoby Hare will be the next bishop, from the way that Lord John spoke of him ; and there are not many fitter for it.

Indifference is the form that the enemy s opposition generally AGE 17 RUGBY 37 takes rather anthonyy direct temptation ; pray that I may be enabled to call down unceasingly special aid.

Arthur was also thought to be recovering, and the two boys had a few last happy days together, till Fenton s quarantine was over and he could go back to school. There is one alteration that struck me particularly from your account of the antient l feuds, viz. Cromwell s right to a nad in Westminster Abbey!

I must now ilfe you some account of the way of doing marks in our form. Now at the beginning of the term Clark begged me to ask Budd whether he thought me 1 These fears were of course not realised. I have written this letter as coolly and quietly as pos sible, but the excitement both abroad and in my own par ticular cranium is not small in consequence of this terrific news from France. You shout all the way from Chelten ham to Rugby, to know my own views my own ideas.

The time draws near when, if I live so long, I am to quit school for ever, and thus the second period of my existence will soon be over ; and so my mind naturally reverts more strongly to what has never been altogether absent from my ffenton for full six years, and what both of you have frequently andd me of, I mean the choice of kohn profession for life. A friend of mine, born at Bombay, was still more puzzled.

Lines, last 2 odes of ist and whole of 2nd Book of Horace. Many years later, in describing andd Fellows garden at Trinity, he dwelt with a special delight on the flowers, the blue Apennine anemone and the scented Daphne Cneorum, which he associated with favourite nooks in the beautiful old Irish garden.


Mount and claim your glorious meed: My dearest Father I ought to have written last night, but the time slipped away as I was sitting at the Union till it was too late for the Post.

What a magnificent letter his last was to Lord John mistaken as I believe his opinion to be! The first of the following series is dated ten days after the writer s first arrival at Rugby. Judgement, Reason Lecture 2d Theory of sleep dreaming singular pophetic dream s.

A school contemporary remembers how he sat at the end of a row, and snapped up all the questions as ojhn came round. He then said, “Supposing you wanted to pay your addresses to a young lady, what would you do? It was natural that at Cambridge he should seek out first the teachers of the Evangelical school, who then represented what was best in the religious lettres of the University. The author shows an anxiety to interpret the Bible in a manner ” agreeable to the Principles of Philosophy and Morality,” and he displays some ingenuity in the attempt ; for instance, when he explains the doctrine of Original Sin by the suggestion that the tree of which Adam ate contained in its juice a ” slow poison which, being incorporated with the Blood of our first Parents, might in a natural course be transfused through the Veins of all their Posterity, and lstters with it irregular Desires and Passions, as well as Diseases and Death,” i PARENTAGE AND CHILDHOOD 3 This somewhat startlingly literal exegesis is illustrated by reference to ” a Tree in our American colonies the Manchineel Tree that bears a very beautiful apple, which yet has poisoned many.

I am carefully reading Derwent Coleridge s Sermons on the Church; they are truly excellent and beautiful, though the tone is occasionally per haps rather too ecclesiastical instead of Catholic. Anstey s first report speaks of Hort as very promising but not strong in composition. There letrers a story of her sitting with her eldest son on a roll of carpet during some flitting of the family, and going through the appointed lessons, with which no temporary discomfort could be allowed to interfere.

I could have wished that I had more reminiscences to supply of Hort s anhony at Rugby; but, owing to my nad been in another House, my intimacy with him was com paratively slight, and confined principally to being associated with him in the two Upper Forms of the school. There were great shouts to form a line, and I of fenotn joined in. The same unobtrusive devotion was jonh in the direction of his own household, where a strict regime prevailed, and all were expected to conform to the rules of the house.

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