Wael said: Une autobiographie très inspirée, que nous délivre Garaudy dans On rencontre aussi, à travers ce livre, les grands moments du XXième siècle. In the case of the French Marxist philosopher Roger Garaudy, who was born in Xavier Dijon, SJ: critique du livre de Garaudy “Parole d’homme” (). Roger Garaudy brought impressive credentials to this task. adapted from the forthcoming IHR edition of The Founding Myths of Modern Israel, Garaudy takes on a LES LIVRES DE ROGER GARAUDY EN VENTE SUR.

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When he was on the verge of converting, he had feared losing Jesus’ message. In that year he went eoger Missouri to give a lecture, and the American Legion organised a campaign against him declaring that his presence was ‘an insult to God, the flag and our troops in Vietnam.

Archived from the original on 4 March It runs as follows. Despite Garaudy’s empathy for radical Christian thinkers and activists, and his whole-hearted commitment to Marxist-Christian dialogue, during his Communist days he held that art and poetry offered man a surer means of rising above the human situation than religion.

He later taught in Poitiers from Garaudy observes that the Rogger is God’s Word, not his self-revelation. According to Feuerbach, men created the gods in their own image and then became subjected to these projections of themselves.

Hommage à Roger Garaudy, le philosophe à contre-courant de la « pensée unique »

As a result science and technology have become ends in themselves rather than means to an end, and man and his environment have become subservient to their autonomous development. Although Garaudy wrote L’Islam habite notre avenir before he officially became a Muslim, many people interpreted it as an eloquent and impassioned defence of Islam.

Retrieved from ” https: Some of them, like the Anglican bishop John Robinson, whose best-seller Honest to God Garaudy read with approval, wrote as if transcendence was no longer an attribute of God but garaury dimension of man, a dimension of our experience and our acts, that which there is of the specifically human in man in contrast to that in him which is animal and which is alienated.


The evangelists expressed this good news in the imagery of simple folk who dream that everything is possible: Whereas, for the Christian, the infinite is a promise and a presence, licres the Marxist it remains an absence and a demand. In L’Islam en occident, he defends Ibn Arabi against the charge of pantheism in these terms Pantheism consists in considering God as the additive totality of beings.

Moreover, in describing the function of the mihrab or prayer niche in a mosque, he writes not only does this niche not shelter any statue or image, but it signifies, by this very absence, the God who is here honoured, a God everywhere present but everywhere invisible. Blondel was an emeritus professor at Aix during Garaudy’s student days.

Mon tour de siècle en solitaire by Roger Garaudy

He had been deeply anxious lest his fellow-Muslims failed to accept the mystery of love, which he held had become through Jesus the warp and woof of every life. Hajer marked it as to-read Sep 29, By way of explanation, he said to one admiring reader, ‘You can speak with love even of visions of the world which you do not share’.

He subsequently learned that they owed their lives to the fact that the guards were Ibadi Muslims whose religion forbade them to fire at unarmed men. InGaraudy was expelled from the Communist Party following his outspoken criticism of the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. He has a father and a mother. Garaudy does not, of course, deny the legitimacy of man’s scientific and technological quest. He has persistently favoured revolution; opposed the USA and Zionism; criticised the Romanisation of the Church and the hellenisation of its doctrine; and attributed the global crisis to the false view of man which has dominated Western thought since the sixteenth century.

Connection between Past and Present”. A fortnight later, he converted to Islam. Although he had been contemplating doing so for some time, we may surmise that the support that he received from Muslims who endorsed his criticism of Israel gave him additional impetus. Garaudy maintains that the root cause of the present global crisis is a false view of man which has dominated Western thought since the sixteenth century, and which may in part be traced back even further.


Garaudy replied that he thought Jesus must have lived in such a way that his whole life signified that every one of us can at each instant begin a new future. Nevertheless, his philosophical position initially left far less scope for ‘transcendence’ than Cartesian rationalism had done.

Ahmed Ali marked it as to-read Dec 31, Sara El Behja marked it as to-read Apr 12, The reasons for this temporary lapse are unclear but Garaudy’s memoirs, which were published three years earlier, contain a number of possible clues.

Roger Garaudy

Although, from the context, he appears to have been thinking of religious conversions in general, the statement is clearly pertinent to an assessment of his own conversion to Islam.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. However, we should note that one of the reasons why Blondel rogre De Chardin fell foul of the ecclesiastical authorities was that they were suspected of immanentism, denial that there is a God who is above and riger of the universe.

However, it was a short step from this to something even worse than individualism, namely positivism: This emptiness is characteristic garauxy the lkvres of Islam. As a Muslim he adopted the name “Ragaa” and became a prominent Islamic commentator and supporter of the Palestinian cause. In the article, which appeared on 17 June, the authors argued that the recent massacres in the Lebanon, far from being an unfortunate mistake, were consistent with the internal logic of political Zionism.

Due to controversies between Garaudy and Michel FoucaultGaraudy left.

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