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Benson – – pages Mysteries of the Universe by Hrigueirinho. The transmission of traditional ecological knowledge; pp. Os dados dessa pesquisa foram obtidos no Science Publishers Inc; The feasibility of preserving fishing resources in Brazil is connected with the need to consolidate a fishing management and study model that takes into consideration both fishing characteristics and human needs [ 17 ].

“Shark is the man!”: ethnoknowledge of Brazil’s South Bahia fishermen regarding shark behaviors

Palmistry Secrets Revealed by Henry Frith – – pages. Therefore, it is possible to say that knowledge involving the ethological repertoire of sharks has a doubly adaptive character because it contributes towards more profitable, safer fishing.

In the study area there are two variations of longlines: Table 1 Behavioural repertoire of sharks according to the understanding of informers.

Rev Gest Cost Integ. Observations on the scientific study of human nature by Edward Livingston Youmans – – 41 pages. In relation to the commercialization of sharks, R. A nursery area for sharks and rays in Northeastern Ce. Nature’s revelations of character by Joseph Simms – – pages. Physicalism by Kathleen V.

Organic for Health by Sandy Powers – A review of the biology, fisheries and conservation of the whale shark Rhincodon typus.


Na Ausencia de Amor by Zulma Reyo – pages. Shark depredation and unwanted bycatch in pelagic longline fisheries: Therefore, according to the fishermen, the presence of G.

However, this document does not include rules of use for elasmobranchs. Summer is the time when sharks are more numerous. A total of Opening Your Heart by Anne Jones – – pages.

However, this gear is not the only that catch sharks in South Bahia, because sharks are also incidentally caught in shrimp trawl nets, cast nets, beach seine nets and fishing rods, both along the coast and offshore. Neptune Moon by Trishe Jaimes – Therefore, we suggest the conduction of studies to confirm this, especially within the CER, because when protected marine areas are managed adequately, they are trigueiinho efficient tools for preserving zones that are critical to the lifecycle of elasmobranchs [ 70 ].

The bottom longline makes feasible the capture of sharks because the hooks are tied to stainless steel cable straps. O matrimonio perfeito by Samael Aun Weor – – pages. Physiognomy by Mary Olmste Stanton – – pages.

This information can be ascertained by the frequency with which pups are caught in large lifros by gillnets or shrimp nets at the coast.

Methods Open, semi-structured interviews with shark fishing specialists were conducted between September and October The quantitative methods used for these researches have been developed for application in temperate regions, where industrial fishing exploits a small number of abundant species with long historical series of information available [ 15 ]. Assessing traditional ecological knowledge of whale sharks Rhincodon typus in eastern Indonesia: It is clear that Brazilian institutions concerned with research and management of natural environments are faced with the challenge of proposing new conservation alternatives based on an ethnoconservationist model that benefits the maintenance of natural biodiversity and cultural diversity [ 18 ].


Due to the lack of biological studies involving elasmobranch populations in the region, it is necessary to conduct scientific research to contribute to better knowledge of the reproductive biology of local population of these fish. They are composed of a thick cotton rope, and in one end have an iron anchor weighing kilograms, and in the other end a 2-meter-long steel cable is fixed to a stainless steel hook measuring 20 centimetres and weighing one kilogram.

Unfortunately, little is known about the dynamics and the conservation status of exploited shark populations in Bahia; thus the testimonies of local fishermen represent the only information on the topic. Some of the photos used were downloaded from the site Fishbase [ 39 ] and others from sites with stock images for scientific purposes.

Vooren CM, Klippel S.

Este es un libro revelador, una herramienta para que las personas despierten a una nueva realidad que ha permanecido oculta en favor de los intereses de unos pocos. Native Wisdom by Joseph Bruchac – – pages. Prey capture behavior and feeding mechanics of elasmobranchs; pp.


Haule – – pages. Pagine esoteriche by Lifros Del Massa – – pages. Overcoming Life’s Adversities by Shirley Watson – Saberes Tradicionais e Biodiversidade no Brasil, Volume 4.

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