LMTF Texas Instruments Audio Amplifiers High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifi datasheet, inventory, & pricing. The LM is a high-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 68W of continuous average power to a. 4X load and 38W into 8X with 0 1%. LMTF datasheet, LMTF pdf, LMTF data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, National Semiconductor, High-Performance 68W Audio Power Amplifier.

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I datsaheet the sound my LM amp produces is much sweeter and softer than my Yamaha. After setting the gain, the next step is to balance the input bias currents by choosing values for R in and R b:. This allows for a smaller heat sink for the required dissipation thus saving a considerable amount of space and cost. George on October 4, at 3: Hope the above was helpful.

I listened to songs I heard hundreds of times with a slack jaw. However the big lytics will continue to conduct until fully discharged and continue to do damage for faulty down stream components. I would also like to see a follow up post with details on the power supply.


I looked all over for it and cannot find it. In the rest everything is equal to the circuit. I take may hat off to you Robert. The finished boards look great.

I had the same, and i placed the order anyway. With the knowledge and the tools available on this site I have datasyeet very modified boards.

A Complete Guide to Design and Build a Hi-Fi LM Amplifier – Circuit Basics

Dave on October 30, at 8: Could you also consider doing a solid state discrete dztasheet amp with dual dc power supply. A pre-amp with tone controls would be also be a welcome. Great project; thank you for sharing. Thanks for your answer Reply. Robert Reed on October 31, at 1: Maybe it helps other people with similar questions. Great job, very well explained. Patrick on December 21, at 5: Thanks for your answer. Too much clarity is not something people are used to, which can be an issue still experimenting Oh!

I am asking for information by email desoto wp. Mustafa Kamal on November 17, at You could even add a DIV at the top of the web page with a. Success with the build, Ed. Bearing in mind most is subjective, though differences between components of different materials do have a definite measurable difference e.


Good luck, Ed Reply. I used single sided PCB, but tried sticking to your layout as closely as possible and changed some components — especially the Mundorfs for something ratasheet available and a bit cheaper.

A Complete Guide to Design and Build a Hi-Fi LM3886 Amplifier

So the daatasheet is, if and how much would adding fans to near the circuit affect sound quality? The best way to determine values for R f2 and C f is with circuit simulation software such as LTSpice.

Hi, I really enjoyed reading this! With the right layout and component selection, you can build an excellent sounding Hi-Fi audio amplifier that will rival high-end amps retailing for several thousand dollars or more. The thermal resistance from the heat sink to the ambient air.

Congratulations and thanks for the details. This setup drives them quite well.

High datxsheet oscillation current will be impeded by the inductor and be forced to flow through the resistor, which will dampen it. Chip amps sound mediocre Reply.

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