Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity. It seems that 3 years ago Vodou freely published as set of plans, for a Miata based build, however it looks like they are not around anymore. There are plans circulating around for several different sized frames. This can be confusing. “Book” frame refers to the frame in Ron Champion’s.

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It would be easy to change the suspension to the Miata compatible parts.

Building a Sevenesque Roadster – plans

First step was to decide on the mechanical components that I was going to use as they determine a lot of the design kocost. This can also be accomplished at home plwns little effort. Any help or pointers for this would be greatly appreciated.

Not an error but more an improvement: There are some vendors manufacturing nosecones that are taller than the book design to provide even more height for the engine. Build time so far was in the order of 12 hours.

Be sure to refer to the book for these structurally critical pieces. Even cleaning the airbrush was almost too long a delay!


I used Tamiya’s Ultra Thin glue to bond 0. A standard book nosecone leaves a 5″ gap along the bottom of this super-sized chassis, but the width is spot-on. If you think it’s contrary planw the wishes of the folks that made the plans than don’t bother, obviously.

I have a set of Vodou plans. I later enlarged the holes in all brackets, to make them look more realistic.

Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

The missing triangulating members were simply too difficult to model with the computer. The images below show the level of detail provided in the drawing files. Pllans last part of skinning that I added was the rear bulkhead, despite the rear end still being unfinished. My Locost is very individual and desi gned to suit my needs.

Fri Dec 05, This oversized nosecone is still available from certain vendors. Here are the wishbones. Jay Dagless 8th scale Porsche with a full frame. ,ocost

Facebook Twitter Car and Driver. Or can anyone hook me up with a set of the documents? Details of the transmission tunnel, suspension brackets, and triangulating strength members are not provided in any of these drawing packages.

I’ve excluded them from loccost drawings because each builder tends to customize the transmission tunnel to meet their needs cut-to-fit. Sat Dec 06, 4: Another error involves the floor panel. It definitely has the right effect, but it’s also very vulnerable, locpst I had to install repair patches in a few locations after breaking the skins.


I used an old tin that had thickened and needed thinning, and a fresh tin that was really thin. Chassis rigidity – FEA25 pages. Making 17 of them was a tedious job, no fun at all. The book tells you to build the floor panel and the rearmost side panel from 1. It seems the dimensions of the rear section are not correct. And they behaved very different, the latter drying very, very fast at summer temperatures. My own car reportedly achieves 22, I used a JLC saw to cut some connections, and realign some tubes to square the chassis.

Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost locst plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Tube chassis discussion on the MCM plnas.

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