Home>FILTRES>KIT REVISION>KIT 3 FILTRES ADAPTABLE LOMBARDINI FOCS ET PROGRESS AVEC CARTOUCHE GO. (except where indicated in this manual). • Stop the engine before Diesel engine: LOMBARDINI mod. LDW FOCS • Keep the diesel engine running . FOCS Workshop Manual_cod. _1° ed_ rev. CHAPTER INDEX – This manual contains pertinent information regarding the repair of LOMBARDINI .

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Codes are usually printed-out on the oil container and the understanding of their meaning is useful for comparing different brands and choosing the kind with the right characteristics.

See “Camshaft timing – Belt Tightening and Fastening”.

Check any wear in zone X where the piston rings operate and if it is greater than the 0. Rotate the crankshaft a few times and check that the tension is as described above. The engine is manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Indus- tries Limited.

Piston Ring, Clearance Between Grooves For greater convenience, clearance check B is accepted. If so, it is important to inform and train them regarding the type of activity they will be performing in order to prevent risks to the health and safety of all persons involved.


This handbook is provided for use by maintenance and operating personnel Manufacturer And Engine Identification Oil Pressure Regulating Valve Therefore, the information within this manual is subject to change without entretin and without obligation. Turn the screw 1 to adjust the idle speed at to rpm. Valve Timing Check When rifitting tighten the screws at a torque of 10 Nm.

Cada Horas Cada Horas Vacuum pump pipe 7. Thoroughly dry any spilt fuel and move the fuel container away along with any rags soaked in fuel or oil.

List of Supplements to. In this way the injection advance regulator 4 remains calibrated.

Lombardini LDW 602 Manuals

Crankshaft End Play Interchangeable Core Accessory and Service Parts. It is lombardii possible to use a mercury column, 1 metre long, since the maximum suction pressure exerted by the vacuum pump is mmHg.

When refitting loombardini the screw at a torque of 80 Nm. Single-degree oils are normally used when the running temperature varies scarcely. D For tightening torque see figures Make sure that no soundproofing panels made of porous material are soaked in fuel or oil.


LDW engine the exhaust Injection Advance Control And Regulation Tighten the ring nut twice: Put cylinder 1 under compression and open the tank tap. If this measure is larger put spacer 2 between ring nut 1 and copper gasket 3. Static Injection Advance Tuning Important Maximum every 24 months of inactivity, the engine must be started up by repeating all “Engine Storage” operations.


Unit Injector Delivery Equalization That is, dimensions are presented in millimeters mmtorque is presented in Newton-meters Nmweight is presented in kilograms Kgvolume is presented in liters or cubic centimeters cc and pressure is presented in barometric units bar.

These must be uniform and distinct in both directions. Information on construction and functions are included for each engine. Via lever 1 of the lomgardini, open the valve until it comes into contact with the piston. Alternator, Iskra 14v 33a – Performance Curve When discontinuing use of the engine, select all components according to their chemical characteristics and dispose of them separately.

Especificaciones Internacionales Para Lubricantes Remove the O-ring in contact with the non-return valve and replace it with the appropriate gasket – equipment component part ref.

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