EXPERIMENTACIÓN CON LA LOMBRIZ ROJA CALIFORNIANA (EISENIA FOETIDA) EN LOS CULTIVOS DE HOLLEJOS DE PAPA, CASCARA. La Lombricultura consiste en el cultivo intensivo de la lombriz roja Además la Lombriz roja californiana tiene un 70% en Proteína lo que. REPRODUCCN DE LA LOMBRIZ ROJA (EISENIA FOETIDA) EN SUSTRATO DE RESTOS DE CAFÉ. López César Noé (@), Rieke.

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Californian red worms were then seeded with a population of adult worms per experimental unit, that is, 10 worms L Phytotoxicity analysis Many substances found in immature composting products can reduce the germination rate of seeds depending on their concentration in the substrate used.

Temperature values are the mean of eight observations. Subsequently, the products were stored for 29 wk d in polyethylene bags at ambient temperature.

Lombriz roja californiana by daniela rodriguez algarra on Prezi

Only Fe concentration decreased sharply during storage, probably owing to the precipitation of this element, which is highly soluble in water. Grandes Lagos in vitro, of the decomposition products increased in week 25, indicating the degree of maturity reached.

Standard test methods for moisture, ash and organic matter of peat and other organic soils. Phytotoxicity assay The degree of phytotoxicity of the composting products was assessed with the calculation of a germination index previously used by Zucconi roaj al. Learn more on our Support Center. It is the original image provided by the contributor.

Save Try Share Edit. A linear model was adjusted for the germination index, which included the composting method as a fixed effect. Rlja of winery wastes: Fricke and Vogtmann reported an average Mg content in compost of 0. Sign in to our Contributor site.


For the variable of storage period, a linear model was adjusted that included storage time as a fixed effect. Traditionally, this manure has been incorporated into agricultural lomhriz to increase the organic matter content and as a source of N for crops.

Leave in rest during days in a container closed with a small breather before introducing them to the system. The structure was intended to protect calkforniana containers from rain and control humidity loss during the 25 wk of maturation of the substrates.

Lombriz roja californiana compostando (Eisenia fetida) – Image

Eisenia foetida, Eisenia andrei and Lumbricus terrestris. ANOVA test one value less than 0. Rather, it could be attributable to washing of these soluble salts with irrigation water, which could have caused a slight drainage through the substrate owing to the high moisture requirements of vermicomposting.

However, the results of this work do not demonstrate that vermicomposting promotes an increase in P concentration Table 1. Where were the worms at the beginning and at the end of the experiment, which was the percentage of increase, since reproduction is evaluated. The materials were previously stabilized and placed in 4 wooden boxes with 2 kg of soil, to which were added a population of 10 mature individuals measuring between 8 and 10 cm.


Statistically two groups were differentiated: However, this application is generally not done appropriately, taking into account the soil characteristics and nutritional requirements of crops, which can result in damage to the health of the ecosystem, such as the salinization of soils, the lixiviation of nitrates to aquifers and the runoff of nitrates and phosphates to surface water califlrniana. Consequently, the substrates produced in this study should be considered as semi-composted.


Maturity refers to the degree of decomposition of organic substances and lmobriz is related to the levels of microbial activity of the biomass Fuente et al. Help Center Find new research papers in: Given this, some characteristics of the eoja should be taken into consideration, such as texture, organic matter content and the infiltration velocity, when determining the length of the storage period.

Sign up to browse over million imagesvideo clips, and music tracks. Something went wrong, please try again. This variation decreased four weeks after, when the ratio tended to equalize and decrease to Encuestas aplicadas a productores y procesadoras locales This work is related to a previous work made in the Technical University of Manabi, forprotein supplements production from unconventional raw materials, specifically Earthworm Eisenia foetida flour, using various ecotoxicological methods to evaluategeneratedwaste in pilot production, in order to contribute to compliance the environmental regulations.

Liquid wastes generated in the califodniana of earthworm flour were determined and evaluated under the following biological indicators: Because there is no information about the nutritional requirements of the worm, it is difficult to assume that this decrease is due to feeding by the worms.

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