Octavio Paz, who searches for the identity of the Mexican people in his study entitled El . In section IV, “Los Hijos de la Malinche,” Paz explains how the word . Los Hijos de la Malinche Octavio Paz (Fragmento de “El Laberinto de la Soledad “). all Mexicans as hijos de puta (sons of raped women) or los Pachuco s and Key words: Identity, Mexico, Pachuco s, La Malinche, Octavio Paz, Gloria Anzaldúa.

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Her passivity is abject: He comes from far away: No one uses it casually in octzvio. The malinchistas are those who want Mexico to open itself to the outside world: In addition to resentment, there is that delight in contrasts which produced the Baroque style and the drama of great Spanish painting.

El obrero moderno carece de individualidad.


Ante todo, es la Madre. But he is also the lord of the lightning bolt and the whip; he is the tyrant, the ogre who devours life. The macho commits chingaderasthat is, unforseen acts that produce confusion, horror and destruction.

La Reforma es la gran Ruptura con la Madre. Paz observes that solitude is responsible for the Mexican’s perspective mainche death, fiestaand identity.

Los hijos de la Malinche by Leguminosa Sigüenza on Prezi

When they are old and worn out, we throw them away without a thought, into the wastebasket, the automobile graveyard, the concentration camp. La Chingada es la Madre abierta violada o burlada por la fuerza. This angry Jehovah, God of wrath, or Saturn, or Zeus the violator of women is the one that appears almost exclusively in Mexican representations of manly power. In many instances these phantasms are vestiges of past realities. For everyone but himself he embodies the occult, the hidden, that which surrenders itself only with great difficulty: It is true that she gave herself voluntarily to the conquistador, but he forgot her as soon as her usefulness was over.


Its real meaning is no octavioo from that of the verb chingar and its derivatives. Historical circumstances explain our character to the extent that our character explains those circumstances.

No quiere decir nada. He is power isolated in its own potency, without relationship or compromise with the outside world. El terror obedece al mismo principio.

It is worth studying the significance of this fact. They are projectiles or knives. It is Nothingness itself. Our politicians frequently mix public business with private. The mystery of his burial place is one of our obsessions. The relationship between them is violent, and it is determined by the cynical power of the first and the malijche of the second.

In order to embody these virtues he creates characters who belong to ancient or non-European races, or he invents the figure of Mellors the gamekeeper, a son of the earth. O la del aullido en que terminan nuestras canciones, y que posee la misma ambigua resonancia: Ni siquiera lo ve.

He opens the world; in doing so, he rips and tears it, and this violence provokes a great, sinister laugh. In sum, as a vivid awareness of solitude, both historical and personal. If we ask about the third figure of the triad, the Motherwe hear a double hijjos. Chingarthen, is to do violence to another. It hijis as many shadings as it has intonations, as many meanings as it has emotions. It is no loz a legacy from Romanticism that makes the hero an antisocial being.

Everyone becomes an accomplice and the guilt feelings spread through the whole society. On the other hand, he is the first principle, the One, from whom all is born and to whom all must return. In almost every culture the goddesses of creation are also goddesses of destruction. El sadismo se inicia como venganza ante el hermetismo femenino o malinchee tentativa desesperada para obtener una respuesta de un cuerpo que tememos insensible.


Palabras dde no dicen nada y dicen todo. The forbidden words boil up in us, just as our emotions boil up. The only thing of value is manliness, personal strength, a capacity for imposing oneself on others. He becomes the son of Nothingness. In this chapter, Octavio Paz discusses the fact that machismo is an offshoot of Mexican historical patterns.

This represents the way in which the Mexicans have inherited two distinct cultures, the Spanish and the Indigenous, but by denying one part of their identity, they become stuck in a world mlinche solitude.

The word and its derivatives are used in most of America and parts of Spain in association with drinks, alcoholic or otherwise. Man is nostalgic and in search for communion.

Actually there are no causes and effects, merely a complex of interpenetrating reactions and tendencies. The Mexican malinxhe all his traditions at once, the whole set of gestures, attitudes and tendencies in which it is now difficult to distinguish the Spanish from the Indian.

Slaves, servants and submerged races always wear a mask, whether smiling or sullen. Vivir a solas, malinxhe testigos.

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