“A moving act of absolution This strong novel about a girl who is debased but never destroyed pushes the reader to a new level of understanding of the. Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig. Fifteen-year-old Hanka Kaudersová has ginger hair and clear, green eyes. When her famil. Rebecca Newman reviews Lovely Green Eyes by Arnost Lustig and War Story by Gwen Edelman.

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Her juxtaposition — several times throughout the book — of the animals with the soldiers is in striking contrast with her own more humane struggles and meager existence. It was a good book. The author created incredibly vividly the world, the hell, that Skinny lived in, without being arjost descriptive or wordy, and left me feeling satisfied at the end.

Lovely Green Eyes by Arnošt Lustig

Order our Lovely Green Eyes: One day she witnesses a German doctor transplant “a large patch of skin from a Jewish subhuman” in an urgent operation on an SS officer. Lovely Green Eyes zooms in on one girl and her very honest and real daily life in the midst of all of that despair. He has a hatred of Jews that prevents him from talking about almost anything else, and takes pleasure in hunting people mercilessly.

This gave an insight into how it may have been for those forced to work as prostitutes for the German soldiers which was interesting and horrifying at the same time. The book added to the texture of my understanding. Lustig presents the brothel clients as fully rounded characters, both viciously prejudiced against Jews and kind to the Czech, they think girl whose body they use. This novel also raises philosophical questions in regards to life, death, and what one does to survive.


None of the bodies remained still.

Lovely Green Eyes: A Novel Summary & Study Guide

Mar 05, Bruce rated it really liked it Shelves: Throughout the book there are lists of names: Beyond good and evil. The novel was static and rather boring, despite the subject matter. grfen

It sounds great, if difficult and harsh. Back in Prague, agonized by nightmarish memories, she settles in with a group of survivors and meets the narrator, whose declaration of love eventually thaws her heart. The book revolves around the psychological stuff the girl passes through; the kinds of German officers who are there for their pleasures, and their treatment of the girls; sometimes the officers’ good sides; the ethics and morals of the Germans according to themselves.

There were times when reading the story that I wasn’t sure which character, or who, was actually telling the story as it almost seemed to change at times and I’m still not sure even after finishing the book lol.

She wonders continually at her desire to survive — Is this a sin? The dead mass was moving its arms, legs and heads, hair was arnkst ruffled, their lips and eyebrows were twitching and their eyes were being opened. Inhe escaped from a train carrying him to the Dachau concentration camp when the engine was mistakenly destroyed by an American fighter-bomber. Jun 09, Vicki rated it it was amazing.

Lovely Green Eyes is a part of this. The figure of Sarazin is undercut by his sexual aberrations and sadism; the glory of the Reich is shattered by the image of corpses heaped in pits which the dead dug themselves, or by bald fact: A large part of the novel is focused on two of Logely customers in particular who are both high ranking officers but could not be more different in their attitudes of Jews in general and their treatment of Skinny arnos.


View Full Version of PW. The novel opens with a description of the brothel, and Skinny’s recurrent nightmare, returning her to the entrance to Auschwitz-Birkenau where the soldiers had instructed the women to give their children aenost their grandmothers and sent them away to the gas chambers.

Most of the time it seemed to be through the eyes of the main character ‘skinny’ and at other times it was as though it was through one of her eyse from after the war or just the author himself.

They did not recognize frontiers, any more than the Germans did.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please fyes up. After all, as the dust jacket tells us, he, too, was a prisoner at Terezin, at Auschwitz, and lastly at Buchenwald. Huge numbers of rats were scurrying among the bodies, gnawing at the dead, creeping into their mouths and other orifices, into their armpits and between their legs.

A rather dark novel with a plausible plot. I’m always drawn in by accounts or stories of what people went through at the hands of the Nazi mindset. Joseph is a vital and eloquent rogue; but Kitty is merely an adequate foil.

Learning to speak again

A Novel from BookRags. He worked as a journalist in Israel at eyrs time of its War of Independence where he met his future wife, who at the time was a volunteer with the Haganah. A good read not great. Inevitably though, the reader’s nascent, tentative engagement is broken. Read more from the Study Guide.

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