A rich kid fears he won’t realize his college dream in this sedate, bloodless drama . Lucky Fools. Coert Voorhees. BookPage review by Angela Leeper. Web Exclusive – July 06, Seventeen-year-old David Ellison and his fellow Oak Fields. Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees – book cover, description, publication history.

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Ah let me stop babbling and start at the beginning. Vanessa didn’t impress me either and I felt like David was more enamored with her than he should’ve been; something Ellen and his sister Lisa tried to warn him about. Yet one thing I don’t think will happen to me is fighting for a chance to get into Stanford. It might even be able to help people that are put into between two schools as David is. Anyone who excels is a potential target, and David, the star of every play, could be next.

Latest Book Listings Added. While all of his classmates are considering Ivy League coett, David only wants to go to Julliard and the auditions are coming up fast.

A great book that deserved each one of the shinny five stars! Though suffering always appears imminent, David’s emotional pain is limited to angsting over his unrequited love and potentially college-free future.

He’ll also learn the true meaning of success.

Only parts I hate were the characters weren’t described enough and his girlfriend Ellen was a total beach. The fact that David has been dating one girl, his near perfect match in high school terms, for the last two years doesn’t seem to stop him from wanting Vanessa, even while Ellen tries to help him with everything that’s going on around him.

There is unbelievable amounts of pressure put fkols these young characters as well as other happenings going on in the book, voofhees despite all of that the author takes the story and makes it come together and really work. Jul 18, Silver rated it liked it. And even the artist is an empty threat as his or her identity is never revealed and casually dismissed at novel’s voprhees. Kim Baccellia, Staff Reviewer.


Especially if you are the lead. Sign in to write reviews. He’s capable of compassion and romance, but he’s often se High school senior David Ellison has an audition for Julliard in nineteen days. In a world of young adult fiction that is mostly brimming with female heriones, it is refreshing luccky see this story told from a male’s persepctive. The book is his journey through those last months in High School David lucy to figure out what he should do.

The social critic and observations that were in some parts just hinted at but also it made me ponder over being in that boat myself. But on the other hand, it’s not an easy, quick, fun read like I was expecting, and I’m not sure I interpreted it right, and the end has left me a bit coery. And definitely the best!

Lucky Fools

Then, I realized that the reason being that none of the characters were really memorable. I think it will really be enjoyed more by those of us that have been there, done that.

Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer. Lists with This Book. David and everyone in the senior class is a target and everyone is trying to figure out who the person is so they can stop them from outing the dirty laundry. Though he professes to lo David Ellison has known that he wants to be an actor ever since he starred in a commercial for Sparkles iced tea in junior high.

Their Fractured Light Starbound 3.

It lacked any kind of romance for me and I’m not sure if that’s because he seemed so focused on himself and his infatuation with his costar Vanessa or because there weren’t many opportunities for them to be alone. Samantha Randolph, Promotions Manager.


So all in all I really enjoyed reading about David and his senior year escapades. He has an epiphany. I extremely enjoyed the point of view coming from a boy. Their snarling and their reactions to David.

I loved the girls dislike for each other.

Lucky Fools by Coert Voorhees

Return to Book Page. David seemed just a confused as I am, expect he knows where he want’s to go. David doesn’t spell out any of his points, I had to figure them out from his story.

So here we go: As things continue, David begins to assert his own narrative. I was really looking forward to this for several reasons, it’s a male POV, it has to do with the theater – something I’ve always coeet and wish I’d had enough confidence to pursue further in college and because it looked like coerg great read.

The plot and premise of Lucky Fools fool, was fun and interesting to read even though it may have been a little bit predictable in some areas. I’ve always been fascinated by the arts, and probably always will be. Mar 12, Charlotte rated it really liked it Shelves: The events were pretty fast-paced, at times it seemed to take David a while to get to what he was planning on doing.

This book did not end up fitting that category as much as I’d hoped.

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