by Ludwig Tieck, translated by Thomas Carlyle Eckbert the Blond (Der blonde Eckbert) was written in and published the following year. In a district in the Harz Mountains lived a knight who by custom was called simply Eckbert the Blond. He was about forty years old, of barely. Ludwig Tieck’s reputation as one of the founding fathers of German Tieck’s ” Der blonde Eckbert,” published in , is a classic example of this genre in early.

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One morning she summoned her husband to her bedside; the maidservants were obliged to withdraw. Approaching insanity, Eckbert reels when the vengeful old woman reveals to him that Bertha was, in fact, his own blone. These ethical ambiguities, though, centering around the character of the old woman, remain and give rise to a multitude of other dilemmas and considerations, many of which have yet to be satisfactorily examined.

Eckbert the Blond

In a district of the Harz dwelt a Knight, whose common designation in that quarter was the Fair-haired Eckbert. Anna Screengazer rated it really liked it Mar 27, Walther agreed, and the whole was speedily arranged: At the same time I was tormented by agonizing hunger pangs; I sat down on the bare ground and resolved to die. This strange coincidence sends Bertha to her deathbed, wracked by doubts, and drives Eckbert to murder Walther in the woods.

Directly in front of me stood a steep rock face that I started scaling in the hope of descrying from its summit a path leading out of this wild country, and tiexk even catching sight of some houses or people. Apr 13, Vanessa rated it really liked it Shelves: Does he really deserve to descend into madness like that?

Der blonde Eckbert / Der Runenberg by Ludwig Tieck

This review has been derr because it contains spoilers. What sayest thou, Eckbert? But eventually his resistance crumbled; one day when just the two of them were out taking the air on horseback, he told his friend his entire story and then asked him if he was really capable of loving a murderer. But what grieved me far more than this, were the quarrels which my father and mother often had about their poverty, and the bitter reproaches they cast on one another.

The cloth being removed, and the servants gone, Eckbert took his friend’s hand, and said to him: Yet still he was unable to withstand himself: Lucas rated it liked it Jan 31, I liked this book because it holds such a crazy story: I felt as though I had just stepped out of hell and into paradise, and I no longer found my solitude and my helplessness frightening in the least.


There was now no tieeck to his song; he sang it louder and more shrilly than he had been wont. As she closes her tale, Bertha notes that she cannot remember the name of the old woman’s dog; then, to her surprise, Walther reminds her rather offhandedly of the dog’s name, and takes his leave.

May 08, W. Tieckk was exceedingly distressed by this demeanour: Eckbert looked at his sick and agitated wife with deep emotion; he stood silent and thoughtful; then spoke some words of comfort to her, and went out. By then the surrounding rock formations had assumed a different and altogether more peculiar shape.

The Philosophical Worldview Artist: A Translation of “Der Blonde Eckbert” by Ludwig Tieck

A high-spirited yapping sound was drawing ever nearer to us, and by and by a small fleet-footed dog appeared and lunged at the old woman while wagging his tail; then det came up to me, inspected me from all sides, and returned with an ingratiating mien to the old woman. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Der Runenberg could be seen to represent Hobbe’s point of view, that people eckbdrt together in a society to avoid the savagery of nature.

I think this is probably true for Der Runenberg as well, but I haven’t studied this one in as much detail. Upon rising from bed I found the very sight of the bird repellent; it kept staring at me, eckkbert its presence made me nervous.

I also took one pot of jewels, and concealed it by me; the rest I left. Walther, for many years, had been his sole companion; and now this person was the only mortal in the world whose existence pained and oppressed him.

Having resumed singing with this new song, it continued to sing it unremittingly, and much more loudly and shrilly than it had been accustomed to sing in the old days. I joy to abide. Reread this today, just for fun, because for some reason, I really loved the whole story. I forgot about myself and my conductress; I had a mind and eyes only for thoughts and images of golden clouds. As human nature is forgetful, I now fancied that the journey I had undertaken as a child had been less dispiriting than the one I was undertaking now; I yearned to be following the old path again.


In other languages Add links. A favorite story of Walter Benjamin. These two tales are definitely interesting reads, in particular when you try to get to the bottom of them. Few came to visit Eckbert; and when guests did happen to be with him, their presence made but little alteration in his customary way of life.

I don’t know, I was interested to find out how the stories would end, but at the same time I felt bored by some of the narrative as, for example, all the descriptions of the landscape. I was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing my parents again after so many years; I located the tiexk house, with its instantly recognizable front doorstep; even the door-handle was exactly the same as it had been before; I felt as though I had last let go of it only yesterday; my heart was throbbing violently; Yieck flung open tiexk door only to behold a roomful of unfamiliar faces staring at me in mute incomprehension.

This suspicion soon sharpened into a conviction. He was about forty years old, of barely average stature, and his pale, gaunt face was covered by a smooth, thick, ash-blond beard.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Significant, however, is that none of these themes is presented unambiguously; each is portrayed at times as positive, only to prove destructive or impossible in the end.

Eckbert frequently attended him in his sequestered walks; year after year a closer friendship grew betwixt them. I shuddered more than once as I stood there contemplating her, for her face was in such constant and violent motion—motion to which the palsy of old age seemed to contribute—that I found it literally impossible to discover what she actually looked like.

Perhaps, bkonde, it would then be possible that I might meet that fairest of all knights, who forever dwelt in my memory. He wrestled with these imaginings throughout the night and got very little sleep. Here, like an unquiet spirit, he hurried to and fro from room to room; no thought would stay with him; out of one frightful idea he fell into another still more frightful, and sleep never visited his eyes.

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