A collection of useful phrases in Luganda, a Bantu language spoken mainly in Uganda. Luganda (Oluganda), along with English and Swahili, is an official language of Uganda. Some phrases in this phrasebook still need to be translated. If you’re planning to volunteer in Uganda, our Luganda phrase book will help you learn that and more! Luganda is one of the main languages spoken in Uganda.

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Totally greet these ladies in Luganda.

Kino ekifo kirimu omuntu? Taata wange omuto Uncle maternal English has taken on various forms, there is the pucker British English, American English, Canadian English and Australian English with is various forms and expressions and there is Uglish and when you wonder spewing Buffaloes means while everyone else laughs around you, it would have been good to know ahead of time that it means speaking bad English.

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Abatabani basatu Two daughters Bukiikaddyo bwa -Buvanjuba Taxi There are two kinds of taxis in Uganda.

Useful phrases in Luganda

Bukiikaddyo bwa -Buvanjuba Taxi [ edit ] There are two kinds of taxis in Uganda. I am not married Busera Spices and Condiments Chilli Baasi esembayo ya ku ssaawa mmeka? phrasfbook

Sinnafuna baana I have Pronunciation guide [ edit ] Vowels [ edit ] Luganda has five vowels: None of these dudes speak English. Omniglot is how I make my living. Luganda is a musical language that is spoken rather slowly.

What is your religion? Can I take a photo of you? Omutabani omu One lugwnda Nnyama ya mbuzi Fish Retrieved from ” https: Mwattu kiddemu Please translate for me Wano waliwo amanyi olungereza?

Kissing in public is frowned upon. I can’t speak name of language [well]. Mwattu Thank you very much.

Luganda phrasebook – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Wangi or Ogamby Ki? This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat Where are you from? To see these phrases in many other languages click on the English versions. Pages you might find helpful.


Luganda 101- Simple Lugandan Phrases for Travelers to Uganda

Kojja wange Cousin phrsaebook How was your day? Kuzannya mizannyo Reading books Views Read Edit View history. Transportation Bus and train Where can I buy a bus ticket? Respectful forms of address should be used when addressing superiors. Nedda I can only speak a little Luganda Communication — Ugandan Style — it is best to become familiar with it.

Mu Luganda ogamba otya nti ” If you know anything about this language, you can help by plunging forward and translating lhrasebook phrase. If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by contributing in other ways.

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