Misc’s anti-bro, bro. Age: 27; Posts: ; Rep Power: UMassBrah has a spectacular aura about. (+). Doing PSMF from Lyle’s Rapid Fat. into a plan after reading Lyle McDonald’s manual, Rapid Fat Loss. The Rapid Fat Loss Diet is a protein-sparing modified fast (PSMF) that. But in some of the forum discussions, PSMF and Lyle’s Rapid Fat Loss diet have been used somewhat interchangeably (right or wrong).

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This is not everything.

I ran PSMF for 3 weeks and binged like twice. I didn’t lose strength, but I did have to use lower volume for better recovery between workouts. We didn’t say one word ’cause he was at the front and I was in the backbut I knew Unfortunately, I also caught E.

Day 3 My energy was now waning, though with careful timing, I made it through my workout. I binged twice and had to cut the diet short.

My personal thoughts are that the cheating makes life harder, the more you do it, the more you ly,e.

Breaking the Fast The alarm sounded for my 4 a. He could also possibly suggest under maintenance for the refeed. Day 5 I looked at my husband with a mixture of ltle and disgust while he devoured an orange beside me, and he merely urged me to give up.


Protein-sparing modified fast

I have had multiple bowel surgeries and for some reason keto eliminates most of my IBS issues. Calories in, calories out, protein. As for my final result? Nutritional Biochemistry 2nd ed.

protein sparing modified fast lyle mcdonald – Optimising Nutrition

Unlike many, I had the luxury of doing most of my work from my house, and more frequently this week, from my sofa or bed. A PSMF attempts to spare the dieter the health risks of a complete fast by introducing the minimum amount of protein necessary to prevent muscle-wasting effects, while still eliminating fats and carbohydrates.

This article with questionable factual accuracy needs more medical references for verification or relies too heavily on primary sources. I’m only on my first day and it’s already awful, but I’m willing to stick with it to finally get this fat off. Moreover, the behaviors that many people display following an extreme fat cut make crash dieting counterproductive to the point of them rarely being worthwhile.

My protein goal was at least g daily, which left me with little more than some spinach for carbs. I mean visible abs, lean-and-mean shredded.

That said, I’m not sold on the whole refeed thing, I think you go with what works. The diet, if you can maintain it and do everything right, does work. Fats are essential for hormone production You are most likely to eat around calories in a PSMF diet. My mind was foggier than a day in London town. However, I was still curious: People training and trying to maintain LBM will always keep protein high.


You see, in my own dusty corner of my pyle, I can still appreciate looking lean. I think by now many of us know that crash dieting is not the wisest path to lasting weight management.

What I quickly found was that nothing sucks the joy out of eating like having little more than meat and eggs to eat each day.

The conversation stopped being about psmf as soon as the guy said fats were essential to hormone balance. That being said I’d love to give PSMF a try but working long hours and hitting gym makes me ravenous. And that surprised me. It just takes a couple weeks to adapt to it.

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