The Macharius ‘Vulcan’ mounts the Vulcan Mega-Bolter, a fearsome weapon normally found on Imperial. It’s a tank battle for the ages – Let’s compare the Macharius Vulcan vs the Stormlord!. Tank seems pretty cheap in all honesty, and I think it would work great in a Cadian detachment. I’m thinking of running one alongside a.

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The original name of this vehicle is now lost and remains unknown. The model pictured is a sample only and we are happy to match your color scheme. Still, despite being more stable on a whole, trying to overcharge fire a single “Maximal” blast with even more range, an even bigger blast, and the strength of a Lascannon will have the risk of suffering a Meltdown if it shoots that way similar to Gets Hot but with D3 lost hullpointsso it is best to apply a Trojan and Enginseer to prevent catastrophic self-destruction.

The lack of penetrative power against fortified targets limits the tank’s usage, while its main drawback is limited internal storage space. If I accept your terms, ship the models to me! For Forge Worlds seeking to secure large military contracts but lacking the necessary STC data, or who experience a shortfall in Baneblade production, the Macharius is a viable lesser alternative and has become a common sight in the regiments of the Imperial Guard.

The model pictured is a default sample: We will purchase this model or kit new on your behalf.

In most cases each additional lot of miniatures will add the following shipping cost to your invoice: Watch list is full. Learn more – opens in new window or tab. The Macharius ‘Vanquisher’ is armed with twin-linked Vanquisher Cannons in the main turret.


Knightdale, North Carolina, United States. Want to save a few dollars?

Macharius Vulcan | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Back to top 5 Reyner Posted 19 October – Please contact us is your item is delayed for a significant period of time. To meet these demands Lucius turned to the Macharius, and in We will then assemble it using an option you desire from the kit, and then mcaharius it up to a standard similar to that which is featured above.

Posted 18 October – Refer to eBay Return policy for more details. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view. Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. Since the mega-bolter is fed by a high-speed autoloader, the Macharius ‘Vulcan’ requires only a crew of six, using the space previously taken up by the two loaders for more ammunition.

Only a handful of Forge Worlds are allowed access to the original STC designs for these ancient and powerful war machines, and a Mechanicus Magos may petition Mars for access to these designs for centuries or even a millennia without success. Not bad, could have been worse. However they soon found themselves swamped by the Departmento Munitorium ‘s demands for the vehicle, and when the world of Krieg was returned to the Imperial fold it was Lucius that was charged with equipping their newly-raised regiments.

Firing thousands of rounds per minute, the Vulcan is a highly-effective anti-infantry platform, able to sweep clear trench systems and suppress enemy heavy weapons teams.

People’s thoughts on the Macharius Vulcan?

While rarer and harder to manufacture than battle cannons, they are capable of using special anti-tank shells in addition to beast hunter shells and standard munitions. Able to carry only twenty seconds worth of continuous fire, this monster eats through bullets like a Neckbeard dining on some Meatbread. Do you want the mobile firepower of the Stormlord or do you prefer the extra static shooting from the Macharius Vulcan? Since that time other forge worlds have been granted permission to build Macharius tanks of their own, and its usage has spread to other regiments.


Bid with full disclosure. The Macharius is a Heavy Tank vklcan after the legendary Lord Commander Solar Macharius and referred to as a ‘second generation’ Banebladefulfilling the same battlefield role.

Although we do our best to ensure your items are handled delicately and shipped securely, the nature of shipping miniatures and models with delicate parts is that some items do get damaged during transit. Particularly in light of the new daemon engines that Chaos are getting and the half-ass Baneblades that the SM are getting ret-conned into their arsenals, the IG might need some balancing firepower.

Unless otherwise stated, this auction is only for the item and items primarily featured in this auction and those mentioned in the listing, as well as the items described in the title of vulcqn auction. Ads by Project Wonderful! Tank seems pretty cheap in all honesty, and I think it would work great in a Cadian detachment.

During one such mission Magos Nalax of forge world Luciusthrough diligent study of his world’s vast archives, discovered fragments of a blueprint for such a tank. Free shipping 0 bids.

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