I don’t like Macron But he is a way better than Trump (it’s not so hard) lmao hahahahahahahcant stop laughing m8 .. # Norway kasparama. It certainly would NOT have been ideal with Hillary either, but still much. Dầu Macron M8 làm việc ở chế độ nặng tải đa dụng dùng trong gia công cắt gọt thép có độ bền cao, kim loại màu và kim loại nhẹ. Tương thích với sơn. telegraph-front-page/news-story/ Vc . d=”M8 17v-6h4v6h5V9h3L10 0 0 9h3v8z” fill=”#”.

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A Kaiser helm on Merkel isn’t nearly as likely as Trump in a Hitler uniform. An article must be primarily written in English for us to be able to moderate it and enforce our rules in a fair and unbiased manner. He knows that he knows absolutely nothing about governance, diplomacy, politics and so on, so he makes everything about the one thing he thinks he can hang his hat on: That macroon me, Thanksgiving is coming and I’m going to be seeing some of my distant in-laws who are big Trump supporters.

Several years ago I spend some time in very hot and dusty places and met a few of the best men you can maxron. Being that you are one of the smartest, if not the smartest economic mind, you are keeping a close watch on our economy to make sure it is strong and stable? What a demented tweet. Monumentally stupid is par for the course.

Houghton Macron 205 M-8 – Neat Honing and Grinding Oil – gf/12459

I’ve seen simultaneous “Germany is committing suicide via globalization” and “the EU is a clandestine Madron imperial power grab! And now we have a president saying being a nationalist macon a good thing and we should once again fuck our allies.

Log in or sign up in seconds. It’s a PR move, and on the basis of the last 2 years, it’s a move which will continue to work for him. Trump literally has the same foreign policy expertise as I did in the 3rd grade. On the other hand, the Franco-German partnership has worked quite well for both of them.


Do not post users’ personal information. He’s popular because he has power. He didn’t like it so he’s turning to idiotic,groundless threats.

China, Russia and America are superpowershe takes it as a threat. Attack ideas, not users. They have no shame, no scruples. Of course this brilliant plan didn’t work and he only just discovered that demanding that people give you their lunch money will lead them to take protective measures against you and. When they “pay”, they’re spending that money on their own military. We bled on the same battlefields as the American soldiers.

He sees international relations as nothing more amcron a zero sum game, where he tries to make the most profit.

Turns out that’s all of France laughing at us. Surely we’re all committed to the European ideal.

EndrTimes: ‘We convinced him’: Macron says he steered Trump on Syria strikes

The World VS America? No personal attacks, shill accusations, hate-speech, flaming, baiting, trolling, witch-hunting, or unsubstantiated accusations. And if somebody didn’t like him or badmouthed him in his private life, he’d dismiss them as losers because if everybody around treated him like he was the smartest and the bestest man ever, you’d have to be a moron to disagree.

As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion.

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The United States are suffering technical difficulties. See our on-topic statement here.

And now that opposition will have the power to go around him, look at his finances, investigate his actions and protect the investigation that will most likely get him thrown macronn of office. I genuinely don’t understand what he’s trying to do with this tweet, apart from looking like a complete moron of course.

Yeah that’s the issue but it think he’s extra pissy that he couldn’t calculate that his attempt at extorting more money would cause a reaction like that,even tho its something that someone woh has as much diplomatic experience as having played civilization 6 would people able to calculate. So you don’t know? Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. There’s nothing irrational about about it: The franco-german friendship is at the core of modern europe.


Trump tweets incoherent warning to Macron, suggests Germany could invade France again : politics

He could be a total stable genius. He’s the celebrated deal-maker, after all.

Threats of violence will result in a ban. I’m sure you’re macrob as surprised as I am that he once again waits until he’s back in the US surrounding by the safety of his yes men before making these comments. He was just trying to get onto another subject. If they don’t pay as much money as maxron supposed to, the US doesn’t make up some imaginary deficit because of it You mean those tasty red things that grow on a vine. It was Gary Cohn, his old econ advisor.

Because this is coming from the same guy who invoked the War of to 25 that Canada was a national security threat and therefore deserved us ripping up our trade agreements because of it. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

More seriously, that tweet is totally nonsensical. We sent soldiers and equipment to Asia and fought the asshats that attacked an ally. If not, why are we pushing for an increase in the membership? If you see comments in violation of our rules, please report them. I could actually see this happening. You mean the recent democratic senate candidate from Texas? And, actually, I would argue that the money thing is part of that.

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