Anne Louise Germaine de Staël-Holstein commonly known as Madame de Staël, was a French .. Mme. de Staël as her character Corinne (posthumously). Madame de Staël turned to fiction, the field in which she achieved renown with Delphine () and Corinne, ou l’Italie (). The first of. Corrine, or Italy, is both the story of a love affair between Oswald, Lord Nelvil, and a beautiful poetess, and an homage to the landscape.

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Corinne, or Italy by Germaine de Staël

Is it just by virtue of her instituting her own doom that she can be seen as an early incarnation of the modern feminist? This book bugged me. In other projects Wikimedia Staek Wikiquote Wikisource. When you are using him as a foil for the ideal feminine, there is an expectation to create an ideal masculine, not a wavering indecisive lover. So I came to Corinne with a certain amount of prejudice, after spending 25 years with an author who staunchly asserts its surface ridiculousness.

This is seen in the descriptions of geography that span chapters. She was surrounded by De Montmorency and the Marquis de Jaucourt. Sur le chemin Nelvil fait preuve d’un grand heroisme.

Pierre, le Pantheon et d’autres. Germaine had also an obsession with French politics, [41] and reopened her salon. The Myth of Corinne.


After four months of travelling, she arrived in Sweden. See all 3 questions about Corinne, or Italy….

Corinne | novel by Staël |

Forum for Modern Language Studies,Vol. From the French of the Baroness Stael [sic] de Holstein. Rousseau was the cause of the French Revolution. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries.

Mar 27, Tara rated it it was amazing Shelves: So these kinds of stories corinnne me the most. If anything, this was great for my insomnia. Apr 12, Strawny rated it liked it.

Corinne also differs from her British counterparts in her compositional method: And from the middle of the eighteenth century onward, some British travel narratives and a few novels mention improvisers in Italy by their Italian names, so British readers may have recognized the terms improvvisatori male mavame and improvvisatrici female improvisers.

She accused Napoleon of “persecuting a woman and her mavame. After the death of her husband, Mathieu de Montmorency became the legal guardian of her children. View all 9 comments. The characters got on my nerves, the story was slow and the plot almost inexistant in the first half of staael novel. Known as a witty and brilliant conversationalist, often dressed in flashy and revealing outfits, she participated actively in the political and intellectual life of her times.

Corinne; or, Italy by Madame de Staël

Jahrbuch der Klassik Stiftung Weimar She made clear she did not agree with his planned French invasion of Switzerland. Rivista de letterature moderne e comparate. She was determined to publish De l’Allemagne in France, a book in which she called French political structures into question, so indirectly criticizing Napoleon busy promoting French culture and theatre. Until the end of September, her party stayed in Saint Petersburg. Talking seemed to be everybody’s chief activity.


Corinhe novel with a fascinating history! Corrineor Italyis both the story of a love affair between Oswald, Lord Nelvil, se a beautiful poetess, and an homage to the stel, literature and art of Italy. Other reviews have commented on the pontificating and the philosophical discussions, which I agree with–they go on far too long and there is too much talking and not enough staell. If you enjoy reading about all the antiquities of that fabled land, you may enjoy the long descriptions of columns and ruins and paintings and sculptures.

Retrieved from ” https: Volume 1 of 2 Free download available at Project Gutenberg. Stael, the subject of recent feminist rediscovery, weaves discreet political allusion into her romance, and upon its publication Napoleon renewed her order of exile.

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