Water Splitting by Magnetism | The current invention is a “Magnetolysis” device that is configured for splitting water by use of magnetism. in the splitting of the bipolar water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Bedini’s magnetic hydrogen and oxygen extraction Magnetolysis Water Fuel This forum is for discussion on any water fuel topic dealing with. MAGNETOLYSIS OF WATER In magnetolysis, magnetic induction is used a potential difference of 2V was created that resulted in hydrogen generation via.

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Has anyone heard of the Joe Flynn Parallel Path technology.

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ?

I am not even trying to debate with you. Furthermore, hyddogen electrodes are more affected by magnetism, and multiply the Lorentz effect. In fact, he’s been waiting for ten years for the pipe to be replaced so he can begin his quest for the magnetic monopole. This would be an exact counterpart of the classical conception that magnetism rotates about a current-carrying electric conductor. And now, as then, an amateur experimenter puttering in his basement stands as hdyrogen a chance of making an epochal discovery as does a distinguished scientists in a great laboratory.

Ways to tap power from the magnetism of the earth itself? If so, the wires might be of entirely different materials than the best conductors for electricity.

magnerolysis Without a magnet, pure hydrogen is evolved. Meanwhile a spectacular phenomenon has been developing — a miniature merry-go-round of gas bubbles between the faces of the poles and parallel to them.

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From whats on the net, the term “vomit express” seems appropriate for moving people. So all the hydrogen videos on utube currently are bogus?

All times are GMT.

Can electrolysis be powered by magnets? – Revolution-Green

Existence of such a thing as magnetic current, once established, would pave the way for industries as gigantic as those that the discovery of electricity led to in its time. This reinforces the view that it is the movement through a magnetic field, and it associated electromagnetic effect, that is important for disrupting the hydrogen bonding. Such fields can also increase the evaporation rate of water and the dissolution rate of oxygen due to its paramagnetic nature but cannot, despite claims by certain e xpensive water preparationsincrease the equilibrium amount of oxygen dissolved in water above its established, and rather low, equilibrium concentration.

This time the heart of the apparatus will be a small glass cell, fitted as before with pole pieces of pure iron that dip into hydtogen containing one percent of sulphuric acid. Your name or email address: Magnetic fields can also increase proton spin relaxationwhich may speed up some reactions dependent on proton transfer. Any skeptical physicist has a standing invitation to see them with his own eyes at Dr. You must put a value uydrogen available heat in this range One would have to assume that after more than 60 yearsthe original discoverer – Prof.

It was a startling idea—that magnetism, like electricity, flows in currents and can decompose water TIME, Jan.

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This was proved by measuring the cell voltage, the IR-drop, and the electrode jydrogen for the electrolysis which was galvanostatically operated in alkaline 4.

Weak magnetic fields 15 mT have also been shown to increase the evaporation rate.

Ehrenhaft watet maintains he has proved. Log in or Sign up. If copper particles, say, have been added to the acidulated water, they will rotate in the same plane as the hydrogen bubbles, but in the opposite direction.

Ehrenhaft commands scientific respect: Here are no wild-eyed theories, but perfectly demonstrable facts. Electromagnetic radiation for example, microwave has been shown to exert its effect primarily through the electrical rather than magnetic effect.

Electrolysis (better method) Hydrogen and ? | Sciforums

An electromagnet, turned on or off at will energizes the poles. Those videos are awfully convincing, are you sure they are fake? Shoutbox provided by vBShout v6. I am unsure what to think here.

Originally Posted by Aaron Felix Ehrenhaft: He is also a noted heretic. Confirmation of this amazing discovery would point to a possible future rival of electric current, perhaps capable of being harnessed in undreamed-of ways. Armagnac Popular Science June Hydrpgen consider supporting Energetic Forum with a voluntary monthly subscription.

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