In Mexico, probably for centuries, Agave salmiana plantations have been established with shoots of young rhizomes (Mora-López et al. ). Plant database entry for Maguey Pulquero (Agave salmiana) with 4 images and 33 data details. PDF | On Mar 30, , Andres Quezada-Salinas and others published Fungi associated with maguey pulquero (Agave salmiana Otto ex.

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Use extreme care when working around or trimming any Agave. Back to Agave index. Views Read Edit View history.

It can form small blisters. Many a person has regretted using a chainsaw, which throws the juices back at the user, to trim an agave. Anthers mm long, yellow. At lower temperatures, germination usually takes considerably longer. Habit and Cultural Information. Blandford Press, Vol. In Mexico, it is the premier source for the production of pulque fermented juice of agave or maguey plants. Again at Puebla and Oaxaca Mexico in Native in sand, sandy loam, clay and other heavy soils.

Send a photo of this plant. Low Water Needs Winter Hardiness: Search by size, origins, color, cultural needs, etc. If the young plants are exposed to too much sun, or the compost dries out, they may stop growing and often turn red; once they stop, it is often difficult to persuade them to start growing again. Keep it in a cool, frost-free area in winter and put it out on the balcony or patio in summer.


Coarsely fleshy cm long, frequently flushed reddish in the bud but opening yellow or greenish yellow. The gallery now contains thousands of pictures, however it is possible to do even more. If possible, germinate in a propagator.

Agave salmiana (Giant Agave) | World of Succulents

Retrieved from ” https: It was noted in cultivation in the Tehuacan and Puebla regions, probably because Agave salmiana is considered to be the great wine making agave “maguey de pulque” and was long cultivated for this purpose.

Repot every two years. Mmaguey salmiana ‘Green Giant’ Giant Agave – This architectural succulent is magury by its thick, graceful, dark gray-green out-curving leaves with projecting spines and massive stature, reaching to feet tall by twice as wide. Koch See all synonyms samiana Agave salmiana. Agave Flora of Mexico Plants described in Once germination has taken place, remove gradually the glass or plastic and move into a good light but not in direct sun. The flower stalk is huge 15 to 40 feetstarting like an asparagus, but its flowers are inconspicuous.


Agave salmiana (Giant Agave)

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For a pot culture, it requires a container of very large size maguet remain in an harmonious appearance. In ancient Mexico, Ometotchtli, or Two Rabbit, was generally regarded as the supreme god of pulque, a “gift” from the gods to chase the sorrows of the human condition.

When the plant matures and blooms the tall candelabra inflorescence rises to over 20 feet bearing yellow flowers that attract birds and bees. These leaves are thick, dark green with a large point at the tip and strong spines on the edges.

Otto ex Salm-Dyck [1]. Mexico North America Evergreen: It is also widely cultivated and naturalized in tropical countries. Originally from southern and central Mexico, it was introduced into gardens zalmiana a Mediterranean climate in Europe and sometimes escaped into the wild, thus becoming naturalised in some parts of southern Europe. When a leaf has unfolded, it leaves an imprint on the leaf underneath.

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