PHP Mail_mime::addAttachment – 30 examples found. $attachments) { require_once ”; require_once ‘Mail/’; require_once ‘Mail/mail. php’;. Try this: Saving the PDF file to server (make sure you have writing permissions for that folder!): See more at. PHP send mail/email + attachment script //$mime->addAttachment($file.

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The ownership of the file is still set to ‘john doe’, I did not change it back to ‘www-data’. The script still runs and I still don’t get any error messages or warnings at the end.

If the script is run by the web server, and the web server user is “www-data”, then this will be the owner. Please file a bug report. When using ‘mail’ as the sending method as in this example the second parameter of Mail:: It sends the email, but the pdf does not attach. The script compiles fine.

I “sudo su www-data” but I wasn’t sure how to call the script from the terminal once I changed the user. For example, your script sends one email.



Most of you guys have this wrong. You see, I like to include a Company name along with the email address so my from string looked like this: So in my case, I want to attach a PDF.

And look at display errors as well and log errors below it. I notice that no where do I find simple error handling.

To set the envelope Reply-to header correctly so that bounced emails arrive where you expect them, make these changes to the example: So far i’ve only seen Thunderbird support embedded style sheets but i hope more mail qddattachment start to.

I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong here but the file refuses to attach.

But again I don’t know if its necessary for me to change group or owner to in order to get the attachment to work. This is my problem The specific example is: When I switched to “smtp” everything worked perfectly. I couldn’t come accross to any smtp method examples and it took me a while to learn how to use this package. addattachmeent

Manual :: add image to message

However I’m still not able to get the bloody thing to attach. If you want a blank adrattachment space between things i. And so on for three, four, five, whatever lines.


In the most cases a programm opens the file for writing. Since you seem to have access to sudo which lets you run commands as rootyou could try sudo chown Can anyone help me? I found out that when you are adding addattachnent images inline you need to make sure what kind of transport you use.

Mail_Mime – Example

That means year image should look like this: Please file a bug report. Thu, 17 Sep Mon, 31 Dec — Download Documentation. And if that doesn’t work, try becoming root for real first sudo su – chown If sending an HTML message with embedded images, use this function to add the image.

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