Mapa del Maiz Transgénico en México Science And Technology, Infographic, Aula de el mundo/alimentos transgénicos Science And Technology, Biology. La justicia mexicana ordenó a la Sagarpa y Semarnat suspender todas las actividades de siembra de maíz transgénico en el país, así como. Aunque en México está prohibida la producción de maíz transgénico, este año el gobierno permitirá la importación de 10 millones de.

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¡No al maíz transgénico!

Estudio encuentra glifosato e You can read this site in English, Spanish or French by selecting the appropriate language at the top of the page. The company owns the exclusive worldwide rights to the IP portfolio developed by Dr. These new forums are helping to strengthen ties between organizations, communities, and regions.

This pre-hearing will also discuss intellectual property and privatization processes as they relate to seeds and plant materials. This response is far removed from the one given in a letter to the same organizations by Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias of the Convention on Biological Diversity:.

We are seeing the proliferation of authoritarian crop intensification systems whose ultimate result is to contaminate native maize varieties in the very centre of origin of this crop — one of the four most important crops in the history of humanity. We must now pay close attention to the origin of all the maize we consume, knowing that it is found in a great variety of processed foods. However, with institutional silence continuing to weigh heavily around the approval or denial of the permit applications which, we stress, have now expiredthe main question the movements are pondering is: With this act of voluntary mortificationl as a civic gesture, we honour those 30 million of our compatriots who go hungry or cannot get enough food every day.

Sin semillas la agric [ Information has been disseminated through the newspapers, social networks, meetings, assemblies, workshops, international petition campaigns, strikes, sit-in and fasts, public debates, and radio spots by well-known activists, intellectuals, and artists.

It is a significant and straightforward victory in a context in which disinformation and institutional opacity have been the norm. This is why, given the emergency we are now facing, it is so important to redouble our efforts to preserve and fortify native seeds and the trusted channels through which they are exchanged, and through which their diversity is preserved.


Grain Grain GRAIN is a small international non-profit organisation that works to support small farmers and social movements in their struggles for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. But over the long term, people will keep up the fight for native maize. The FAO repeated its response of two years ago:.

The site also contains some materials in a number of other languages: We must heighten our efforts to reject processed products containing industrial maize ingredients, since they are bound to be transgenic. The future is unrwritten. Whether it is done legally, illegally, clandestinely, or cynically, the invasion transgenco GMOs and the contamination of native varieties would be a tough blow.

Importarán 30 mil mdp de maíz amarillo transgénico

After all, activist organizations have had to make numerous requests for information, going as far as to appeal to the Federal Access to Information Institute, before they could obtain a useful response from any government department.

Between January and March of this year, a whole range of activities took place with transgenivo view mexco strengthening national and international alliances among grassroots organizations as well as spearheading analysis of the disastrous implications of GMOs for maize diversity in its centre of origin, and thus for peasant agriculture and public health.

Lumpkin says companies such as Monsanto are willing to do this when the varieties produced are designed for markets that are not tranegenico significant. This case argues that the companies are either undermining or outright attempting to prohibit ancestral and contemporary strategies that people can use to take care of their own subsistence — what people call peasant farming, which can simply be defined as independent or independent-minded farming methods.

This success is a significant achievement on the part transgenkco Mexican and international organizations. Caught up in the whirl of events and in the crush of deadlines for granting or denying the commercial planting permits that Monsanto, Dow Agrosciences, and Pioneer PHI Mexico applied for in September, the organizations malz in the fight against GMOs turned to legal channels.

Para el ci [ Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo.

Download PDF version 2. We stand for the political, biological, and territorial integrity of Mexico as the centre of origin and ongoing diversity of maize, as embodied in the continuing vitality of its indigenous peoples.


One planned pre-hearing concerns the transgenic contamination of native maize and the liability incurred by companies and governments in this regard. A third case considers seed-related laws and regulations. It contends that the Mexican Seeds Act is deliberately designed, as are similar acts throughout the Americas, to criminalize native seed saving, planting, exchanging and trading.

Sagarpa, in a phone conversation, declined to attend because it is allegedly waiting for direction from the new government before taking a policy position. RDM has maintained a three-pronged strategy throughout this time: These well-funded projects leave a bitter taste since the Green Revolution signified a new phase in the war on subsistence, with crop intensification and lab-created seed programs, eroded and drug-addicted soils, and vilification of peasants as allegedly inefficient producers.

La Jornada: No más permisos al maíz transgénico

They harvest 20 trillion grains of maize, all of it exposed to adaptive environmental forces during the season. As the new administration took power, various student, community, and environmental organizations, both urban and rural, held an event on the steps of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries, and Food Sagarpawhich has final authority over GMO permits.

On another level, the legal and administrative tangle through which various government bodies are attempting to navigate has made it very difficult for them to act in a coordinated fashion.

This is why we are demanding that the Mexican government follow the recommendation of the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Olivier de Schutter, who in urged the authorities to reestablish the moratorium on field trials and commercial cultivation of genetically modified maize and to ban its commercial cultivation in order to protect biodiversity.

Click here for the list of genetically engineered maize varieties being exported by the government of South Africa. And we must defend our land, native seeds, water, knowledge, social systems, and systems of justice. Another countered that since four months had elapsed since the gransgenico of the applications, the permit was deemed to have been denied.

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