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Horizontal Machining Center Makino A61nx. Nx machines leverage these proven designs and advance reliability with new features. Upgrading the productivity and machining accuracy, and realizing high reliability. One-grade higher machining capability and machining area enhance the manufacturing power.


Both motors are housed in an integral cast structure that eliminates the stack-up errors and loss of rigidity common with table-on-table 5-axis designs. Suitable for the parts of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, airplanes, and prototype units, in addition to commercial production parts of automobiles and construction machines.

Operator can easily choose suitable one for its purpose. Along with the two new spindles, the current 20,rpm core-cooled spindle remains available as an option on the a51nx and a61nx machines. Makino machines will deliver precise statistical performance and dramatically reduced cycle times. Realizing the machining performance equivalent to No. The ATC shutter door typically sees millions of cycles over the life span of a machine.

Horizontal machining center Makino J Horizontal Machining Center Makino A51nx The a51nx is a mm horizontal machining center from Makino that builds on the highly successful a51 platform. Even in machining with high-speed and high-acceleration, machining surface quality and shape accuracy can be kept. Offline workpiece setup and loading through the standard work-setting station ensures maximum spindle utilization.


Thanks to the expanded Z-axis stroke, maximum tool length on the a51nx and a61nx models is increased to mm Makino a81nx horizontal machining centre. What makes the a51nx-5XU stand apart from other small 5-axis machining solutions is its horizontal orientation and integrated workpiece automation. The net result is improved reliability and cleaner ATC environments.

An optional Nm spindle designed for high metal-removal rates in ferrous applications is also available, opening up new machining opportunities typically reserved for larger machines.

a51nx-5XU | Makino

Roller linear guides Cylindrical roller guides are used in the X- Y- and Z-axis. High cutting performance is realized even at the upper point on Y-axis.

The nx machine has the cooling technology of ball screw core and ball screw support bearing. Casting design and axis guide improvements of the nx machines deliver higher stiffness, load capacities and precision.

Horizontal Machining Center Makino A51nx

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Machining efficiency is totally enhanced. Due to the speed of the DD motor, it may lead to fewer machines required in high-volume, high-tool-count automotive applications. High rigidity machine construction Pallet clamping system Pallet can be precisely located on the pallet table with four a5nx.

The a51nx and a61nx models boast expanded axis travels. Last items in stock!

Several major casting enhancements coupled with the use of cross-roller guides enable customers to effectively use the additional 14 percent Y-stroke. Makino anx Horizontal Machining 4 Axis. Horizontal Machining Center Makino J3. Introduction Upgrading the productivity and machining accuracy, and realizing high a51xn. A new cross-roller guide design yields improved rigidity for higher metal-removal rates, reduced vibration and improved tool life.


Horizontal Machining Centres (HMC) Makino a51nx romania

Online only Makino a51nx. This structure reduces installation time and makes relocation work easy. This stepped design supports the machine to move at high speed and high acceleration mode by reducing the weight of column without compromising rigidity of the machine in Z-axis direction.

The standard a61nx features a mm The nx machines are designed with a 1G-axis acceleration supplemented by high-power servo motors and enhanced casting rigidity for faster acceleration. The work-pallet magazine supports continuous unattended manufacturing of high variety and low volume as well as traditional high-volume parts production.

The standard spindle is a 14,rpm design with Nm of duty-rated makio and 22 mxkino of continuous output, a 19 percent increase over the previous model. Horizontal Machining Center Makino A All this, plus advanced spindles and axis guide enhancements, combines to deliver increased speed and precision in larger part applications. The servo axis also reduces exposure of the ATC to the work envelope.

Horizontal orientation offers ideal chip shedding. A variety of machining modes are preset.

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