Title, India: Report of the Malimath Committee on Reforms of the Criminal Justice System: Some observations. Publisher, Amnesty International. The role of victim in modern justice system, is it only the role of being a witness or one the stake holder in achieving justice. 2. Is there relationship between. Please click the link to read the Report on the Criminal Justice System as suggested by Justice Malimath Committee in This report.

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Considering the law and order situation in India. Investigation The Investigation branch should be separated from Law and Order branch.

It is the duty of state to protect the fundamental rights of all mslimath. So Electoral reform along with Judicial and Police Reform should go hand in hand. National Human Rights Commission of India: The fine amount may be increased by fifty times.

The committee recommended that courts be bestowed with powers to summon any person — whether or not listed as a witness — for examination, if it felt necessary. Recommendation for Judiciary Committee suggested that impeachment of judges should be made easier compared to present difficult process of impeachment under which it is very difficult to impeach the guilty judges.

The Malimath Committee’s recommendations on reforms in the criminal justice system in 20 points

Jiby was working as an engineer in California when the blogging wave that preceded the social media explosion swept him to journalism and Delhi where he was. Though crime is a State subject, a central law must be enacted to deal with organised crime, federal crimes, and terrorism. It could implement the recommendations in blocks of a dozen or so spread over a defined time period and periodically examine their functioning on the ground.


Criminal justice system is more than years old in India and it need to be reviewed as the type of crime has changed with the use of technology and other aspects. The ratio is Malimath started his law practice in the High Court of Bombay in Way forward Entire system requires reform first the need malimzth to start with the electoral reform.

Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. A Victim Compensation Fund can be created under the victim compensation law and the assets confiscated in organised crimes can be made part of the fund. The National Judicial Commission must have clear guidelines on precise qualifications, experience, qualities and attributes that are needed in a good judge and also the prescription of objective criteria to apply to the overall background of the candidate.

Malimath Committee report : Important Topics for UPSC Exams

Offences are currently classified as cognisable and non-cognisable. He then secured First Rank in LL. It also recommended the following: Further it recommended amending article and constitution of National Judicial Commission. Evidence regarding a man and woman living together for a reasonably long period should considered as marriage, even if he is already married and he is liable to provide maintenance to both women.

An unassuming hero on the threshold of greatness The stoop to conquest Strong leader, a brittle virtue? As criminalisation of politics is also the major issue. It also sought amendments to the law to allow thumb impression only if the witness is illiterate. Confessions to police have repeatedly come under scrutiny because of allegations of custodial torture, instances of custodial deaths, fake encounters and tampering with evidence.

The Committee favoured making Section A as a bailable and compoundable offence. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.


Indian Evidence Act Q. As there is no political will with respect to implementing reform. Malimath Committee report Law should not stumble, in a way that those who defy it go free and those who seek its protection lose hope. Both are problematic on various counts. If the victim is dead, the legal representative shall have the right to implead himself or herself as a party, in case of serious offences.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The latter will allow the accused to respond to the charges framed against him or her. This is because two of the recommendations are alarming and would involve a drastic change in investigation and prosecution of criminal cases and dispensation of justice.

Pregnant women and repott with child below seven years can be kept under commlttee arrest instead of being lodged in prison, keeping in mind the future life of the child, it said. Training Government and Judiciary both should invest in training. The report submitted in pointed out the judge-population ratio in India is This Section is largely used in case of dowry harassment.

V. S. Malimath – Wikipedia

Instead, the Committee recommended classifying offences as social welfare code, correctional code, criminal code, and economic and other offences code.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Similarly, the CrPC amendments a decade ago provided that confessions, states of witnesses and dying declarations can be videorecorded. This page was last edited cojmittee 14 Novemberat

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