The ecological, environmental and socio-economic importance of mangrove forests is now widely accepted by international agencies, governments, NGOs. Mangrove description – Oman. Oman has scattered but fairly dense stands of mangroves on the northeast coast and some small stands with trees reaching 6 m. Biological invasions are an important and growing component of global environmental change(Vitousek et al.,). Hundreds of billions of dollars are lost.

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Study of Gulf Coast oil spill contingency plans with respect to remediation and restoration: Oil spill hot topics bibliography Report United States. Select up to three search categories and corresponding keywords using the fields to the right. You May Also Like: United States, National Ocean Service. Landfill associated with urban and industrial development also threatened mangroves in many areas.

All the support provided will be duly acknowledged in the country profiles. Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium. Uses and threats In mangdoves Gulf of Oman there is very little human use of the mangroves themselves, although they are used in some areas as fodder for camels, for fuel, and in providing stakes for fishing.

Advanced Search Small Search Button. Play a role in the preparation of the revised World Atlas of Mangroves The information provided above will be used as an input to the revised World Atlas of Mangroves and as national level description in the Mangrovss Resources Assessment FRA Thematic study on Mangroves.

Mangrove description – Oman Oman has scattered but fairly dense stands of mangroves on the northeast coast and some small stands with trees reaching 6 m in height on the southeast coast. When spilled oil contaminates shoreline habitats, responders must survey the affected areas to determine the appropriate response. Fioetype version in PDF.


Includes bibliographical references p. Marine Filethpe Sciences Consortium of Alabama. Although general approvals or decision tools for using shoreline cleanup methods can be developed during pre-spill plan The forest structure is simple; Avicennia marina dominates and reaches from 2 to 6 m in height in the Gulf of Oman.

Both habitats can be adversely impacted by oil spills, and spill responders must often consider tradeoffs between land-based and offshore resources during a response. For this reason, some items on this page will be unavailable.

When resources in the public trust are harmed by contamination, federal, state, foreign, and tribal governments may seek compensation for damage to natural resources under certain laws.

Natural resource damage assessment emergency guidance manual. Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service. Mangroves often border coastlines where coral reefs live offshore, and these two ecosystems are closely linked.

This is done in two steps: Oil spills in mangroves: National Sea Grant Program U. The Initiative mangorves like to thank all the people who contributed with additional data, for the improvement of the information on this country.

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Mangrove management

For more information about this message, please visit this page: The collection mantroves been now completed and the page will be updated as soon as possible. Planning mangrovew Response Considerations”–Introduction. Oman has scattered but fairly dense stands of mangroves on the northeast coast and some small stands with trees reaching 6 m in height on the southeast coast.


This guide is a companion to Oil Spills in Coral Reefs: CRS report for Congress ; R One of the largest mangrove forests is located in Qurm Muscat. Maangroves shoreline assessment manual. The oil spill natural resource damage assessment under the Oil Pollution Act. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These uses are probably decreasing in mangrovee with increasing wealth in the region.

Conversely many areas are increasingly threatened by pollution, especially oil pollution, which is widespread in many areas of the Gulf and Straits of Hormuz. Refer to the Help section for more detailed instructions. By understanding the basic of the ecology of these forests and learning from past oil spills in mangroves, we can better plan for, protect, and respond to spills that may threaten them.

Mangrove management

Mangroves filter tiletype trap excess sediment that could harm coral, and coral reefs protect shorelines where mangroves grow from excessive wave energy. During the past months the information has been updated thanks to the kind collaboration of several national and international experts, who has helped the Initiative in collecting recent data.

Oil beneath the water surface and review of currently available literature on group V oils:

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