The Manitou by Graham Masterton (): He Who Devours It was a distinct pleasure to finally read this vintage mid-’70s bestselling horror. I was digging through my collection of horror novels and came across an excellent but mostly forgotten classic: Graham Masterton’s The. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A chilling tale.” —Kirkus Reviews Praise for Graham Masterton “A master of the genre.” —Rocky Mountain News “Graham Masterton.

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Oct 03, J.

Now a chain reaction has begun and It only grows at night. After a series of X-rays, the doctors begin to think it’s a living creature, a fetus being born inside the tumor.

There are some scenes that are frightening, and make your skin prickle from fear. But believe me, when Misquamacus throws down, there are some very interesting, entertaining moments in this book.

It’s creepy, it’s crazy, it takes turns that you don’t expect the x-raysit’s full of spooky Indian folklore and mythology, a creepy hospital setting, it’s got it all. I don’t understand the 3. In his quest for the cause, he encounters Jenica of Romanian descent.

No trivia or quizzes yet. But with all that said, Masterton writes very well and he knows how to keep readers invested. A fast simple read. Harry Erskine is an underrated horror investigator. As panic, bloodlust and death gri This is the 4th in the Manitou series. But that’s not much to be concerned with. It’s not maliciously racist, just feels really ignorant and insensitive. I heard a freakin moan in the middle of the night!

Too Much Horror Fiction: The Manitou by Graham Masterton (): He Who Devours

Misquamacus, a powerful Native American medicine man from the manitku is being reborn in Karen Tandey and seeking revenge for the brutal destruction of his people and way of life. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I’m not familiar with his more recent output but back in his early works, Masterton apparently couldn’t write convincing women. Some sex, and gore, and a fast paced storyline.


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Yes indeed, I love The Manitou! His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker, the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, found it compelling, touching and quite scary in parts. I giggled a bit at some of the more eye rolling moments the aforementioned, and how, as other readers have pointed out, police detectives and doctors tended to shrug and go along with all the extreme weirdness despite their affirmed rationality.

As I finished reading Stephen King I decided to look for other horror books to read – there were those where I knew their name such as James Herbert and other After digging out and reading the Hungry Moon I am going on a bit of a horror revival.

I recommend one of her earlier novels to you: Not as gloriously ridiculous or compact as the first book, but it’s still a breezy timewaster. Oct 09, Olga Kowalska WielkiBuk rated it liked it. I’m glad to see Harry Erskine is back in action and cracking wise as usual.

There’s an appropriate air of menace and the enemy and it’s machinations become clearer as the pages are turned. After training as a newspaper reporter, Graham went on to edit the new British men’s magazine Mayfair, where he encouraged William Burroughs to develop a series of scientific and philosophical articles whi Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh in At the age of 24, Graham was appointed executive editor of both Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines.

After a series of X-rays, the doctors begin to think it’s a living creature, a The Manitou is a series of books steeped in native American Indian mythology. Oct 04, Pamela rated it liked it. They become unable to eat solid food, are extremely sensitive to daylight – and they have an irresistible need to drink human blood Revenge of the Manitou Manitou 2 by Graham Masterton. I’ve yet to be bored by any of the author’s books. La historia es muy buena y te mantiene al borde de la silla la mayor parte del tiempo, sin embargo, hay muchas conversaciones que sobran y hacen perder el ritmo del relato.


You can read the synopsis, to get a real good idea about the story. Book ratings by Goodreads. The first prize is a sculpture of a demon. Masterton was also the editor of Scare Care, a horror anthology published for the benefit of abused children in Europe and the USA. Then another case is submitted with the same symptoms. Rachel rated it it was amazing Dec 29, It dro I probably shouldn’t have done this, but I read this book out of order.

Well written, just descriptive enough. Masterton was also the editor of Scare Care, a horror anthology published for the benefit of abused children in Europe and the USA. Th A strange disease has overtaken New York City.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. One thing I’m surprised about is the fact that more of his work hasn’t been adapted mastrrton film. Comparatively, returning to the first book is actually a bit of a jar, especially since Masterton has grown so much since the inception of his long running story. Apr 14, Brett added it. As the doctors and specialists puzzle over the growth, Karen’s personality begins to change.

The Manitou is a series of books steeped in native American Indian mythology.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Lists with This Book. One point docked for the pretty tacky erotica, but apart from this a perfect horror novel.

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