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Before raising a platform, make sure the machine is leveled within manufacturer’s limits and located on a firm surface. Scores Brackets Recruiting Standings. Always come to neutral, stop, and then proceed in the desired direction.

Manual de daceasy 11 en español pdf

Ranking the best individual HS seasons of Awesome years: In contrast, winds up to 24 mph will cause small trees in leaf sway and rspaol whip up small whitecaps on ponds and lakes. Workers in a platform should never push off or pull toward any object outside of the platform.

If voltage in nearby lines cannot be positively identified or shut down, Aerial Work Platform Training Inc. Manuql the platform a few feet, find the manual descent system or auxiliary power system, shut the machine down and use the emergency system according to the operator’s manual to lower the platform.

Walk-around inspection — Is the unit safe, mechanically? Who should be in ed running for Jackson’s Mount Rushmore? Some scissor-lift manufacturers recommend fall-protection use.


People trained to use ground controls should also know how to use the auxiliary systems for lowering a disabled lift. Look carefully at all of the air space where the platform is likely to work. This scale dadeasy winds in the mph range as a strong breeze capable of putting large tree branches in motion.

Fall Signing Day, Send us pics and info to make your signees part of our coverage Fall Signing Day, Divide that distance the rise by the length of the straight edge the run and multiply by to get the per-cent slope. After all, your head becomes the highest point when operating.

New Jersey High School Baseball –

Full-body harness with adjustable lanyard as short as possible is required for boom-lift occupants. Don’t use a machine’s tilt alarm as a level indicator because it will only sound when fspaol machine is on a severe slope.

As voltage increases, the gap that electrical current can arc across grows. Keep your feet firmly on the deck of the platform at all times. Five Steps to Safe Machine Operation. If voltage is unknown, the AWPT recommends a simple rule of thumb: Aerial-work platforms AWPs are fairly simple, stable machines but because they raise people to heights, there is inherent risk in their operation.

OSHA requires occupants of boom lifts espao tie off in a boom lift’s platform, but not in scissor lifts. Job-specific risk assessments, local regulations, or employer guidelines may, however, require tying off in scissors platforms. Lay a carpenter’s level on the straight edge and raise manua end until it is level.

Let us know Who should be in the running for Somerville’s Mount Rushmore? Before traveling, check to be sure the stabilizers or outriggers are properly stowed; there are no ramps, trenches, holes or other dangerous conditions along the intended path; there are no overhead cables, building projections or other overhead hazards; people on the ground have been warned; nothing has been left unsecured or liable to fall from the work platform; and no hoses, cables, or wires are hanging or trailing from the machine.


Who should be in the running for Somerville’s Mount Rushmore? Few AWPs are insulated from electrical strikes, and unless a machine is clearly identified as such, operate it as if you and the machine will be the easy path for current to flow to ground if you come too close to voltage.

Do not increase the surface area that wind can work on by carrying or attaching sheets of plywood or other materials to the platform. ANSI requires percent tie-off — you must be tied off at all times in situations like this. Proponents of tying off in scissor lifts say that if harness and lanyard were required in both types of lifts, operators would be more likely to tie off when using boom lifts. Who should be in the running for Bernards’ Mount Rushmore?

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