Libros de Segunda Mano – Bellas artes, ocio y coleccionismo – Arquitectura: Saint-gobain glass manual del vidrio edicion Compra, venta y subastas. Australia · New-Zealand · Other countries. © SGG Logo. Welcome to Saint- Gobain Glass. The Americas; Africa; Europe; Asia; Australia. ©SGG Logo. Your Bibliography: Manual del vidrio Saint-Gobain. (). 1st ed. Tlalnepantla Fiberglass and glass technology. – Springer – New York.

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The Planitherm is a glass of high light transmission allows to enjoy natural light that it is designed to greatly reduce energy losses through the window, improve the comfort reduce the known effect of “cold wall” that is so mannual in colder times and contribute to household savings. The Windows have historically been the weakest of the facade.

‘Mirror chrome’, the new settlement of Saint-Gobain Glass – Closures, Doors and Windows

En el momento en que se demuestra que ese standard puede tener variaciones se desestima, aunque no tenga alternativa. In this way Mirastar opens new applications such as tempered or laminated safety glass. The greater are the gaps and greater surface glass, most relevant will be the role of the glass when it comes to preserving the heating in winter and reduce cooling in summer. A violent impact shatters tempered glass into many tiny non-cutting fragments Applications Generally, all windows except for the windshield.

Saint-Gobain proposes a product with benefits of solar control and thermal insulation with the 4S Planitherm. The manufacturing process for tempered glass Saint-Gobain Sekurit tempered glass is produced in the following stages:. PV- El vidrio tiene unas cualidades propias, pero el antideslizamiento no es una de ellas. Podemos ver ejemplos recientes de puentes construidos en China que se asoman a precipicios.


Reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, however, no automated translation is perfect nor is it intended to replace a human translator. In addition to its possible use in the residential sector, Mirastar can be used to achieve effects mirror walls which are in areas of high humidity or where disinfection or cleaning products should be used. El resto de certificaciones son a su criterio.

Participantes en la mesa redonda sobre vidrio pisable.

NG- No, en este caso no. Try out our global customizer Discover which Saint-Gobain Sekurit glass is made for you. One of the most noticeable trends in the exterior design of passenger cars is the introduction of panoramic sunroofs. The glass is not completely opaque, so that it can be used as mirror ‘spy’ under certain lighting conditions. Cars all over the world are equipped with our products. El desconocimiento no ayuda, al contrario, empobrece. Innovative solutions Saint-Gobain Sekurit provides high added value glazing products and services for car makers.

The mirrors are also a perfect solution for wet areas.

Automotive Glazing

Vidriera del Cardoner, S. This news article was originally written in Spanish. Request information Ver stand virtual.

Es un camino largo porque hay que convencer al mercado, hacer los ensayos y, luego, pasar los tests individuales con todos los fabricantes. The new Saint-Gobain Mirastar glass can be used both in interior and exterior.

Saint-Gobain Glass

Ina French chemist Edouard Benedictus, invented laminated glass and called it “Triplex”. With the Mirastar brand, Saint-Gobain sells a glass that incorporates the features of the mirror.

Pero el vidrio no se va a degradar. Saint-Gobain Glass are very proud of its policy of design of new products, and say that it is well suited to environmental problems. The special features of this manuxl make Mirastar a resistant to the degradation product by the effect of condensation and the action of cleaning products.


Al final hay que apelar al buen criterio del prescriptor o de los implicados. No todos los productos lo hacen.

PV- Queda mucho camino por recorrer y tiene un futuro esperanzador en cuanto a desarrollo de producto. Todos estamos empujando, no es un proceso liderado por una sola empresa que tiene ciertas capacidades para desarrollar un producto. Saint-Gobain Sekurit leader of automotive glazing for more than 80 years.

We designed a range of innovative and smart solutions to turn car journeys into a pure driving experience. Si el vidrio lo requiere, hay que hacer el test.

We strive to invent a way to reduce all inherent interior and exterior noises or vibrations, and make your drive as effortless and pleasant as possible. Son dos propiedades opuestas, en conflicto entre ellas. Arquitecto, especialista y consultor en vidrio. El problema es que no existe un solo baremo, sino muchos.

No se admiten comentarios insultantes, racistas o contrarios dl las leyes vigentes. It can also be used as a complete mznual of door or doors with one-way mirror function sections. Vehicle glass manufacturers are being challenged by OEMs and their customers to be more innovative in order to improve comfort and safety in vehicl It has been automatically translated for your convenience.

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