Psychologia rodziny teoria i badania [Mieczyslaw Plopa] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Publikacja jest proba przedstawienia zarowno. Praca i rodzina. Konflikt czy synergia? [Work and Family. Conflict or Synergy?] Warszawa: WydawnictwVizja Press & IT. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Jan M Plopa. Plopa, M. (). Psychologia rodziny. Teoria i badania. Kraków: Oficyna Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Scholar Socjologia rodziny.

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All examined persons were inhabitants of an urban agglomeration.

Psychologia rodziny: teoria i badania – Mieczysław Plopa – Google Books

According to that view, psyhcologia one role, e. Therefore it seemed justifiable to search for variables significantly mediating the relations between experienced role conflict, experienced stress and a sense of purpose in life.

Role conflict and purpose in life mediating role of purpose in life and stress Independent variable: Unfortunately these deliberations remain a theory only. Formulating these questions implied following research hypotheses: In the presented study we did not manage to monitor how the partners in two-career relationships regarded the issue of gender roles.

Conflicts resulting from the work-family relation generate difficulties also in its social aspect Frone, Yardley, Markel,after: American Psychologist, 44 3 One should also not forget about the important issue of supplying positive standards for the youngest family members, standards that foster activity, resourcefulness, expand ambitions, and stimulate intellectual development.

Quality of life research. All investigated participants in dual-career relationships had higher education, their age varied from 28 to 40 years and .plopa marriage had at least 1 child.

Discussion The functioning of dual-career couples is connected with many challenges and threats on the one hand, but also with many areas of possible successes on the other. Polskie Forum Psychologiczne,tom 19, numer 2, s. The introduced model of these dependencies allows for an elaborate analysis of relations under discussion. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 70 4 Such success is, no doubt, a hard-earned one and requires both partners to be tolerant and mature.


The results, as analyzed with the Amos 21 statistical package figure 1, table 1 indicate that the model generally fits the data acceptably well and its statistical power is satisfactory. The overspill between the areas of work and family is frequently psgchologia in character.

In addition, authors show that the complexity of analyzed interactions can also apply to factors mediating this process.

Plopa, Mieczysław ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Purpose in Life Mediating variables: Many terms are used to describe it presently: These two domains involve specific tasks and requirements an individual will confront, and the level of commitment in realizing them is determined by factors of personal and social nature. It was then that the bidirectional nature of influence between professional and family life was strona Academy of Management Review, 10, In the model presented below it has been assumed that satisfaction with professional accomplishments and stress level can act as mediating variables in the link between how the participants manage to reconcile their professional and family roles and to what degree they have a sense of purpose psychologa life.

Place attachment and mobility.

Taking into consideration the specific character of dual-career marriages Anderson, Spruill, ; Rostowski, Rostowska, and the level of commitment of both partners to fulfill two life roles it was expected that the spouses in rodzihy relationship, as compared with the control group, would be the ones to report the lowest levels of well-being, among other things due to intense stress, experiencing role conflicts more often and lacking a sense of purpose in life.


Economic and social transformations we have been witnessing since the mid-XX century, as well as related processes: Some antecedents and consequences of work-family conflict.

What seems important then, is that partners in such relationships are able to work out for themselves some effective ways of coping with stress plus some skills to hold off various tasks and duties, as well as to support each other in difficult times and care for the quality of marital bonds, so that they can achieve success in their relationship.

Rodzimy navigation Polskie Forum Psychologiczne.

Plopa, Mieczysław (1948- ).

Nevertheless, it m.ploopa very often emphasized in the literature of the subject that negative consequences coming from the specific character of these relationships occur as well.

The Evolution of Earning and Caring. A peculiar paradox underlying the experienced stress and role conflicts can be noticed, one that consists in a specific split: Conflicts experienced between areas of work and family can also significantly impinge on the quality of marital relationships and m.poopa tensions between partners, particularly when accompanied by mutual competition and burdening with domestic duties, as is presently the case in two-career relationships Duxbury, Higgins, ; Rostowski, Rostowska, ; Rostowska,

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